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5 Easy DIY Fathers Day Gifts

Thank you for sharing!!

HAPPY Father’s Day to all the Dads, Grandpa’s, and Great Grandpa’s! I hope you have all had a wonderful day and remembered to let the dad in your lives know how much you appreciate all they do.
I am so very blessed to have a wonderful dad who has been an amazing dad to me and a wonderful grandfather to the kids they adore him so much, an amazing husband that is so great with the kids and loves them so much, and also a grandpa who the kids admire and love to go visit!
For fathers day the kids usually make homemade gifts for Jake, some years we all make the same gift that everyone works on together, some years we all make our own individual gifts. This year I gave the kids some ideas and let them choose whatever project they wanted to make, helped them gather the materials and they went to work on their own.
This is what our table looked like the day the kids worked on thier Father’s Day gifts, a big mess!! Not very often you will ever see my table look anything like this, as it drives me crazy for things to be on the table that don’t belong there. The kids forgot to put newspaper down before painting so we had to scrape the paint off the table.
Cody made Jake a pencil holder using an old formula container. He painted the outside and inside of the can.
He painted the popsicle sticks to glue around the outside of the can.
He used our letters and hot glued “dad” on the inside of the can.
Lastly he used hot glue and glued his painted popsicle sticks all the way around the can.
Here is Cody’s finished pen holder for Jake.
Dustin followed the same directions and made a pencil holder for Jake. He also started by painting his can.
 Then painted his popsicle sticks.
And finally worked with the glue gun to add the popsicle sticks to the outside
He did not paint enough popsicle sticks to go all the way around the can so rather than paint a few more, he decided to use the scrapbook lettering and put Happy Father’s Day on the side.
I had another wonderful idea for Ethan to make for Jake but he was set on making one like the boys 🙂 so we found an Orange Juice container cut the top off and then he painted it. We added Jake’s wintergreen lifesavers inside it.
Anthony painting the popcicle sticks for his paper clip box for Jake’s desk at work.
He laid out popsicle sticks in a row for the base.
We took 2 more popsicle sicks and put hot glue onto them and put them along the sides of the base.
then he glued the popsicle sticks and glued the popsicle sticks as tall as he wanted the box. I would say about 40 is how many Anthony needed to make his box.
Anthony’s completed paperclip holder box!

Here is a picture of all 4 completed projects!
Me and my sister worked together to make a special gift for my dad for Fathers Day from the kids, we had seen this project on Pinterest and decided that it would be a great project! I drew a tree trunk and branches, then we painted each of the kid’s hand a different color green and added their hand print leaves to the trees. We had 7 hand prints to fit onto the page so we used darker colors on the background and lighter greens for the front hand prints, letting each layer dry before adding another layer. We also made sure to make it on acid free paper so it wouldn’t fade over time.
At the bottom my sister added Happy Father’s Day and the year in a special kind of rub off lettering used for scrapbooking, I think I like it better than stenciled out words! Put it into a picture frame, and a beautiful gift from the kids!!
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Thank you for sharing!!


  1. I love all this creativity, the pile of great supplies on the table, and the determined look on your kiddos face as they are working. Thanks for linking to Show and Tell!


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