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I didn’t end up posting out sensory bins for last week, so I’m putting last weeks and this weeks sensory bins together into 1 post for 5 fun sensory table ideas. We have added a new sensory bin down in the school room but for now with the warm weather and the fact we are off of school for a couple weeks, we have been using our sensory bins outside most often. Also for anyone interested in the sensory tables we use, head over and read my DIY Sensory Table post to see how you can make your own.
The 5 different sensory bins used the last 2 weeks are:
-popcorn with scoops, containers, cones, and construction vehicles
-Sand with sand molds, sand sifters, and a tea set
-Sand with dinosaurs and rocks
-Sand with pinwheels
-Bubbles and bubble blowers
Our first sensory bin was bubbles, I filled a container with our Wonderful Bubble Solution, and added bubble blowers in the other bin.
Gabe is still working on blowing bubbles and not sucking them in, so this has been wonderful practice for him!
Popcorn has been added to our sensory bin downstairs in the sensory room. Along with scoops, containers, cones, and cars to play with.
I put a bag of sand into the sensory bins and added some molds and a tea set. The sand is so loved by both of the boys that I have kept the sand in the bins and just changed out what they have to play with in the sand.
We had a sand tea party.
We also built sand castles
We added our pinwheels to our sand bins for some more fun with our sand.
Gabe played with the pinwheels for hours and has finally discovered how to blow on a pinwheel to make it work.
We added dinosaurs, and rocks to our sand another day.
Ethan decided that the dinosaurs needed a bulldozer to help move the dirt 🙂
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Thank you for sharing!!


  1. My daughter’s school does sensory tables like this and I am always blown away by the super creative ideas that you teachers come up with for in those tables. These are so fun!
    Thanks so much for sharing your ideas with the outdoor play party.


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