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Everyone knows that you need to eat healthy to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. But living in a society which serves food high in saturated fat and sugar can make the lifestyle seem impossible to obtain. Trust me there is hope! Here are five ways that you can help your family make the switch to eating healthy foods.


Great Tips For Getting Your Family To Eat Healthy

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Get Them Involved

Families can form great bonds by including everyone in the kitchen. Working together can pave the way for more communication and provide opportunities to teach children about different types of food. By providing your children with the proper information, they will be able to make better decisions on what they would like to eat, which can make positive changes for their future development.  Let them be the sous-chef or the saucier for the day. By giving them an outstanding job, you can help them build self-confidence, which will make a positive impact on developing their personality.

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Make One Change at a Time

Your family may panic if you throw out all the unhealthy food and replace it with lettuce and tofu. Take it one step at a time. Switch all your white grained food with whole wheat or whole grain. Reduce the amount of sugar and high-calorie foods and select some healthy recipes to implement into your weekly meal plan.  By taking small steps, you will be able to make the switch over time without even realizing it.


Be a Role Model

Children are visual learners, and their most significant influence is their parents. Be a great role model for your children by eating healthy foods yourself. They will take notice as you enjoy a salad, sip on flavored water, and bite into a delicious apple. It may be a struggle for you to make the switch to healthy foods but by keeping a positive attitude and showing your family your commitment, their curiosity will take hold.


Read Labels

Taking the time to read food labels may seem daunting at first, but it is well worth the time. By reading labels, you can take control of what you are choosing to put into your body. You may be surprised to find that some food you thought was healthy isn’t or that an item was healthier than you initially thought. Once you start reading labels, you will know precisely what to look for and won’t need to read labels as often. Take the time to show your children how to read the labels. They may become your biggest helpers when shopping for food.


Portion out Meals

Many parents know that they need to provide a balanced meal for their child, but many don’t know how much food their child should eat during a meal or throughout the day.  Some tricks can help you when portioning out meals. When plating a meal, you should strive to portion one-half of the meal vegetables, one-fourth protein, and one-fourth grain. You can measure the size of a meat portion by the size of your child’s palm. The number of grains, such as pasta and rice, should be the size of your child’s fist. A serving of cheese should be the length of your child’s thumb. These are some fun ways that can help you when portioning and while teaching your children how much they should be eating.

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Have fun helping your family live a healthier lifestyle. It may seem challenging at first, but by eating healthy foods you and your children will feel more energized and can help avoid future illnesses.

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  1. These are great tips! We’ve just recently started switching out our old snack foods for healthier ones and so far my boys are doing great with the changes.


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