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I have already shared our group classes for the year, so now I am getting into each of the kids individual classes. Each year we tailor each of the kids curriculum to what is best for them, since we have special needs kids that struggle in some areas and are highly gifted in other areas this is such a blessing for them.

Today we are going to take a look at the different classes that Anthony is doing this year. We always add in different lap books, unit studies, and hands on learning through out the year depending on each of our children’s interests. You can read Money Saving Ideas For Homeschoolers for a look at our favorite websites we use for our printable homeschool pages.

Anthony 6th Grade


Grammar, Reading, Vocabulary, Spelling, Composition, Research, Study Skills, Higher Order Reasoning 

Learning Language Arts Through Literature ~ Purple ~ The books that go with this leveled program are Farmer Boy, Caddie Woodlawn, and The Trumpet of the Swan. This will be our first year using the program with our kids. Most of us have ended up loving this program since it has so many different subjects rolled into 1 program. Anthony, however, doesn’t like grammar or writing so this isn’t a class he ever cares to do.

Curriculum Photos-15


A Reason For Handwriting Level  D ~ I really love that this program uses bible verses for handwriting. We will continue to use Handwriting Without Tears to teach the kids how to write, and then put them into this program after that.



Math-U-See Gamma/Delta ~ While I know these are well below his grade level of math, him and Cody have really struggled with fluently knowing their simple math facts. I have chosen to go back to the basics using this math program to make sure their foundation is set. One of the major issues we faced in these regards is that we struggled to find a good math program that worked for more then just 1 of our kids. Math-U-See has finally been a math program all of them enjoy and actually understand the concepts being taught!!

Instead of doing a lesson page and review page for 3 days, they are completing the first lesson and review page one day, doing their test the next day and if they can pass with a good grade they can move onto the next lesson. Our goal is for him to complete 2 books a year until we have a better foundation.

Math U See GammaMath-U-See-Delta


Computer Activities Through Out the Year as well as More Computer Activities Through out the Year. Learning how to use a computer to do many different things is something I feel that kids need to know in todays world. These books help me accomplish this in a fun way for kids!! Using these books, kids will learn how to make presentations, spreadsheets, graphic design, search the internet, and word processing.

011157 014830


Building Spelling Skills 4~ We have worked through many of the different spelling lessons from All About Spelling, this will be Anthony’s first year working on a different program, so we decided to start at a slightly lower level for him then he would normally start in.


We will also be doing group classes together, you can read about and see the group classes we have planned for the year for the kids.

Wondering what curriculum we have used in past years?

Homeschool Curriculum 2014-2015 

Homeschool Curriculum 2013-2014

Homeschool Curriculum 2012-2013

Homeschool Curriculum 2011-2012


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