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I have already shared about our group classes for the year, so now I am getting into each of the kids individual classes. Each year we tailor each of the kids curriculum to what is best for them, since we have special needs kids that struggle in some areas and are highly gifted in other areas this is such a blessing for them.

Today we are going to take a look at the different classes that Cody is doing this year. We always add in different lap books, unit studies, and hands on learning through out the year depending on each of our children’s interests. You can read Money Saving Ideas For Homeschoolers for a look at our favorite websites we use for our printable homeschool pages.

Cody has come a long way in the last year, or really his entire life. Within a year of being born he struggled with getting Pneumonia a couple times every month. He was regularly in and out of the hospital and on steroids as well as 5 different inhalers and many different medicines.

Once we finally got his asthma and allergies under control he started getting sick much less. But once that was taken care of we brought him in and found out he had dyslexia and dysgraphia. We worked hard for a few years to make great improvements in that area. After all the improvements we realized he was socially struggling as well as having major motor delays.

We brought him him and he was given an Autistic diagnosis (we expected this.)  Since then he has graduated from physical and speech therapy weekly, and is now only in OT and group therapy weekly. He has been working hard to overcome one thing after another and this is the first year in a LONG time he is just working on school studies and not school mixed with tons of DR appointments and many hours of therapy daily!!!

Cody ~ 8th Grade ~

8th Grade Curriculum Choices

Grammar, Reading, Vocabulary, Spelling, Composition, Research, Study Skills, Higher Order Reasoning ~

Learning Language Arts Through Literature ~  Green ~ Books that go with this level are Adam and His Kin, Star of Light, and Much Ado About Nothing. We are giving this program a try this year for Ethan, Cody, and Anthony. Most of the boys love reading good literature, and this program weaves in the TONS of other concepts right into the reading.

Learning Language Arts Through Literature


Math-U-See Delta and Epsilon ~  While I know this is well below his grade level of math, him and Anthony have really struggled with fluently knowing their simple math facts. This may or may not be my fault for not just sticking with 1 math program and instead reviewing a bunch of different programs. I have chosen to go back to the basics using this math program (that we LOVE) to make sure their foundation is set.



Handwriting Without Tears: Cursive Success ~ While most of my kids wouldn’t have a handwriting program at this age, Cody was diagnosed with dysgraphia along with dyslexia. His handwriting has improved by leaps and bounds over the years, but he still makes his letters from the bottom up and could use a little help with writing. So I am adding in a finisher year for cursive writing for him.



Building Spelling Skills 6 ~ This is Cody’s first year in a different spelling program, he has done most of the levels of All About Spelling but never any other spelling program, so I an choosing to start him out at a lower level.

Building Spelling Skills 6


Computer Activities Through Out the Year as well as  More Computer Activities Through out the YearLearning how to use a computer to do many different things is something I feel that kids need to know in todays world. These books help me accomplish this in a fun way for kids!! Using these books, kids will learn how to make presentations, spreadsheets, graphic design, search the internet, and word processing.

014830 011157

Game Programing

3-D Game Design ~ Cody’s heart is to program games when he gets older, and to be quite honest he is really good at it. We were given the opportunity to review 3-D Game programing and he really LOVES the classes Youth Digital offers. It’s hands on and visual which are both great for him. He will often go on and program games. So this is really one of his elective classes he really loves to do.


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Wondering what curriculum we have used in past years?

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