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9th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices 2016-2017


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I will be working on getting posts up over the next week sharing our curriculum choices for the 2016-2017 year for all the kids in our homeschool this year. In this post I am sharing our 9th grade curriculum choices.

Last year we graduated our first homeschool kiddo, so this year we are down to 5 kids in our homeschool. 2 of them are in High School. Matter of fact for the next 4 years we will be constantly homeschooling 2 kids in High school. For anyone worried about homeschool high schoolers, don’t worry it is so much easier then you think, and they can still be accepted into college once they graduate. I also am babysitting a 5 month old full time to add a little bit of extra fun to our days 😀 !

Starting September 5th you can head over for the 8th annual Back To School Blog hop and check out the curriculum choices for tons of homeschoolers as well. It’s a great place to see how fellow homeschoolers schedule their year and meet new homeschool moms. Each week is a different theme, so make sure to check it out each week!


I want to say that we do not choose all the same curriculum for each of our kids. We plan our school years according to what would be best for each of them, and that is usually different from a kiddo before. I also want to say our homeschool probably looks very different from other homeschoolers, and that is just fine. Each family needs to do what is best for them and that is one of the reasons homeschooling your kids is so great. I am not here to judge or say our way is the best way, I am just sharing what is working for us for this year and hope it helps some other homeschool moms.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask below in the comment section and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

9th Grade Curriculum Choices 2016-2017



Math: Math-U-See: PreAlgebra ~ We have written a review of a different level of Math-U-See that goes over the many reasons we use this program for all of our kids every year now. Because we started later in our homeschool years a few of the kids are a little behind in the levels, which is ok with me. I know that they will be proficient in the math they get before they graduate which is fine with me.



English: Learning Language Arts Through Literature Gray~ This will be our second year using this program and everyone loves it, including me. We will continue to use this program through the years as of now!


Science: Apologia General Science 


Foreign Language: Rosetta Stone Mandarin Chinese ~ This is the language Cody really wanted to learn. He started the program a couple months ago and is really enjoying it!


Reading: Some of my kids I need to have them choose from a list of book ideas, others I do not need to because they spend so much time reading. Cody is one of the kids I do not need to require him to choose any other books beyond his other studies. He will read through an entire 600-700 page book in a few days.


Map Drills: 10 Minutes of map drills each week. Simply Charlotte Mason gives an explanation of map drills for anyone interested in learning more about them.

Locate Places from day’s reading on a map.

Explore foreign places relevant in news and current events.


PE: Gymnastics Classes on M/W Open homeschool gym on Th


Current Events: He will be keeping up with news stations, blogs, and whatever else we think is a good place for REAL news events.


Handicrafts: This will be something we will do as a group, I’m hoping for 1 project every month to start out with. If we have time to do them weekly then that is what we will do.


Robotics: Cody will be taking a robotics class through our local public school this year. He is really into programing and we think this will be a perfect class for him!!


Programing: Youth Digital ~ Cody continues to work on his programing skills through this amazing program I highly recommend to anyone who’s kid is interested in programing. You can read our FULL review here.


Group Classes


History / Geography / Bible: Simply Charlotte Mason ~ This is our second year using Simply Charlotte Mason as a group class we have really loved using it and will continue it this year. In this class we will be working with Cody, Anthony, Ethan, Gabe is a little younger and can choose to join in with us or not.

Bible: Studying bible history of Joshua through Malachi. Work on several studies in Provers working on a 4 year project of looking for doctrinal truths while reading through the bible.

History: History of Ancient Greece aligning with the Old Testament timeline

Geography: Locate regions we read about and a modern-day look at the Middle East

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I am a co-author to a couple very wonderful resources for homeschool mom’s. These are an amazing resource and very inexpensive, stop over to check them out!!

How We Teach by iHomeschool Network

Homeschooling: what to do when you want to quit


I have a couple Pinterest boards dedicated to homeschool 1 group board and another that is my homeschool board. Stop by either of them for other great homeschool ideas, help, tips, and more!!

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  1. My kids REALLY loved YouthDigital also! Glad you all are enjoying it. Afterwards they liked TechRocket and Landry Academy’s programming classes. Robotics will be a fun class for your young man. Lots of hands on work to do.


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