A look at our Montessori Homeschool Classroom ~ A Busy Day Back!

Things are slowly returning back to the most normal things can be right now. The younger kids don’t understand quite as much what has happened, but the older kids do understand and are getting through the best they can. Serena was very close to my mother and would go over to help my mother for weeks at a time, she has amazed me with her strong faith through this, and is doing very well with it all, I have been so proud of the young lady God is forming her into! I am learning to accept that when I need my mothers advice, or to talk to her, she will no longer be there which is something I will really miss. There will always be a spot in our hearts that will be filled will all the love and compassion she showed everyone, she taught everyone who knew her how to fight and be strong even when life throws obstacles in your path. My mother had fought Lupus for over 20 years, liver failure for 3 years (from all the Lupus meds) and kidney failure in the end as well, along with many other diseases and illnesses. Through it all she tought us how to keep strong and always smile and that is something that we will all hold onto forever.  We are having a weekly dinner with my siblings and dad, which makes for a little bit of a crazy house, but one with lots of love and support!
We started this morning trying to get back into our school routine once again. We ended up having a wonderful morning work period and got lots accomplished!
The digging for lucky coins sensory bin has been a wonderful activity for Ethan, it keeps him busy for a long time, he does better when someone is watching him to redirect if the sand starts flying, but he is easily redirected and says thats ok mom, we can sweep it up lol.
Gabe plays in it for a short time but still likes to throw it all over and ends up making a big mess.
The kids worked to finish adding the body parts to their Body tracings that were made at the beginning of our Human Body unit.
After cutting out the body parts, the kids used the body books around the classroom for reference and added them to their people.
Serena took time to read through The Body Book I printed off from Reading A-Z and bound with our new book binding machine!
I added a new activity to Gabe’s drawers that everyone came over to enjoy as well. They are colored noodles that stick together when the end is moistened. I purchased them from Discount School Supply.
I just had the kids use a moistened washcloth to wet the ends.
Gabe had a lot of dun feeling the difference in the texture when the noodles got wet.
Cody’s masterpiece!
Anthony made a seat out of his noodles
Ethan made a train, and was more than glad to pose to show it off!
 Ethan surprised me and decided to pull the knobbed cylinders off the shelves today, he hasn’t pulled the knobbed cylinders off the shelves in months. He ended up doing each of the 4 sets of cylinders individually this morning, and even put one back together a second time that he knocked off the shelves while putting another one back 🙂
Gabe loves reading the baby feelings book, I have been working at teaching him to verbally express how someone is making him feel, instead of getting angry, he is surprisingly doing a wonderful job with it!
Gabe made music with the maracas. Good thing no one was real close when he was finished, since those went flying when he was done with them.
I also added a DIY light table to the class today that was enjoyed by all the kids. But I will do a post devoted to that later in the week.

5 thoughts on “A look at our Montessori Homeschool Classroom ~ A Busy Day Back!

    • Thank you for your condolences, and prayers, they are so appreciated and what has given us strength to get through this! I very much appreciate your kind words, My mother was an amazing person! Thanks for taking the time to stop by!


  1. Can’t wait to see your DIY light table! Glad to hear you are staying strong. How wonderful to have everyone come together for an evening meal during the week.

    • Amie
      We have been loving the new light table, I hope you got a chance to stop by and see the post about it! It has been so wonderful to have a family meal during the week, we have all been enjoying the closeness this tragedy has given us. It has given us a new perspective that we just don’t know what tomorrow brings! Thanks for taking the time to stop by!


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