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For the fourth week of the “Not Back To Homeschool Blog Hop” the topic is A Day In The Life. So you are going to get a tour into our homeschool day at least for the time being. I’m sure as the year goes on we will work things to what is good for us since our lives are ever changing and our homeschool schedules accomidate that.

We are a family that never used to have a schedule, everyone knew what needed to be done each day and it would get done whenever it was done for the day. Well that was before Ethan came along, due to the fact that he has severe sensory issues having a strict schedule is the only way we can function not only as a school but also as a home.

Let me give you an example last week we went on vacation and were away from home, of course not on our homeschool schedule. We ended up having some problems with Ethan throwing huge fits while we were gone and deal with him not feeling any pain he cut the tip of his toe off on vacation and walked around not even realizing it ummm for hours…

The last few days of the vacation he was almost unable to interact with anyone in the family. He needs to be supervised during all waking hours during these times because he will just start going crazy and break things and hurt himself or others and not realize it. Really the behaviors seen when he is not on a strict schedule are just not worth it so wither I or anyone else likes it or not a schedule is something we will continue to adhere to probably for good.

Last year because Ethan only did morning school with us and was going to ECSE classes M-Thu in the afternoon we had really gotten into the habit of sometimes doing school down in our schoolroom, other days on the couch, at the dining room table, outside, really anywhere we wanted to. Well this year we are strictly doing classes again down in the school room due to the fact that it is to hard for his brain to differentiate between when the house is in “school” and “daily life” mode.

With all the health problems some of the kids have and I have myself, we usually have at least 3 doctors appointments to fit in each week in between our homeschool day as well which adds some craziness into our day, but we manage.

6:00 ~ Ethan and Mom Awake ~ Ethan is my early riser and if no one gets up with him he finds trouble to get into so he is up in the morning and has mommy to himself while I drink my morning cup of coffee.

7:00 ~ Cody Awake ~ Cody usually is up by this time and sometimes Anthony as well.

7:30 ~ Wake Up Time ~ Mom wakes anyone up who isn’t up already (usually Serena and Dustin, sometimes Anthony as well)

7:30-8:00 ~ Breakfast and Morning Chores ~ I am not a morning person and not really into making breakfast, so I have taught the older kids how to make our morning breakfast choices, cook them, and then help the younger boys make it for the younger kids. The kids either eat our homemade yogurt with granola and fruit, omelets (the 3 older boys make them for whoever wants them,) scrambled eggs, toast with homemade strawberry jam or all natural peanut butter.

After breakfast the kids work on their morning chores. Something I feel strongly about is teaching the kids at a young age to help with chores around the house that they can, because with everything that needs to be done around here I definitely need everyone to help it also teaches them responsibility!

P1120684 CIMG0942 P1030709

8:30 ~ School Starts Group Classes ~ We start our day together as a group and work first on our Bible studies and worship, then we do our Move With Me Yoga program on M/W/F and Family Time Fitness  Tues and Thurs. I read any our chapter book we are reading as a group and a few younger children’s books. We work on our Road Trip USA M/W/F and American History Tues/Thurs and our Mystery Of History M-Thurs.

P1150513 P1150491 P1110319

P1100495 P1100714 P1080471

10:00-10:30 ~ Morning Break ~ The kids get a 30 minute break to get a snack and either go outside and play or find some toys inside to play with quietly.

P1000031  P1060259 0810121036

10:30 – 12:00 ~ Independent Studies/Mom work with younger boys ~ The older kids start their independent studies and I work with Gabe and Ethan answering any questions or helping any of the older kids while working with the younger kids.

Spring_Coloring_Pages_For_Kids_2 P1150615 P1080504


P1080537 P1070758

P1050889 P1030173 P1030038

P1120919 P1130085

12:00 – 1:00 ~ Lunch Time ~ We have a lunch break at 12:00 each day lunch is made by Serena and Anthony and they each do it every other week. After the kids eat lunch they each have chores and zones that need to be done and then they have free time until 1:00.

1:00 – 2:00 ~ After Lunch Studies Mom help older kids ~ Any kids who haven’t finished up any of their studies by lunch time will finish those up which is usually Serena and Dustin occasionally other kids will have some work to do if they have been distracted for the day. This is also the time that I work with the older kids on any of the studies that they needed help with during their independent studies or classes they do not do independently.



2:00 – 3:30 ~ Free Educational Play ~ The kids can play educational board games, work on art projects, do puzzles, get playdoh out, or anything else that is educational. Some afternoons this is when an educational DVD like Signing Time, Leap Frog Videos, etc… will get put on if the kids need some quiet time. I have toys on shelves for the little boys to use that are switched out each week so that they have some fun and educational things to do during this time.


P1070963 P1120919P1120638

3:30 – 3:45 ~ Afternoon Snack ~ Kids will get a snack and drink.

3:45 – 4:00 ~ Afternoon Chores ~ The kids do any afternoon chores that need to be done, and also check their zones for the day.

1113121638 1113121639a CIMG0353

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4:00 – 5:30 ~ Free Time ~ This is the kids free time which usually they go outside and play during if it is to cold then bikes and scooters are usually being rode through the house or the kids are down in the playroom/sensory motor room. I either start preparing dinner if it needs to cook for a while, do some household chores, check my email, blog, etc…

P1010843 P1150644 P1070642

P1050283 P1040970P1070634

 5:30 – 6:30 ~ Dinner Time ~ We eat between 5:30 and 6:00 almost every night. We all eat together as a family at the table and most nights have extra kids eating with us.

6:30 – 7:00 ~ Dinner Clean Up ~ Kids all do their dinner chores while mom or dad reminds them to get them done 😉

7:00 – 8:00 ~ Get Ready For Bed ~ Either me or Jake will start to get the 2 younger boys ready for bed with baths, snacks, brushing teeth, and stories.

8:00 – 8:30 ~ Younger Kids Bed Time/ Older Kids Get Ready For Bed ~ The younger kids and Jake head to bed by 8:30 each night. This job was given to Jake once he started getting up for work at 4:00 am each morning 🙂 Older boys will take their showers during this time, get their snack, and brush their teeth.

8:30 – 9:30 ~ Older Kid Free Time ~The older kids get about 1 hour of TV, Movie, riding bikes/roller blading/jogging down the street, and some nights computer free time without the little kids around.




9:30 ~ Older Kids Head To Rooms ~ The rest of the kids head to their bedrooms at this time.

9:30 – 10:00 ~ Reading Time or Bed ~ While the kids do go to bed at 9:30 they have the option to read quietly for a half hour or go to bed. Lights out by 10:00!


On Fridays we plan our field trips, it can be anywhere from a walk on the local bike paths, a trip to the nature center, picking strawberries or other in season fruit, spend a Day Out With Thomas, or anything else we might think is fun to do as a family/school! We do a couple classes in the mornings on Fridays, but most of our work is done Monday through Thursday.

P1070893 P1060973 P1070807

P1070707 P1070653 P1060971

P1060941 P1060911 P1060922


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