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Do you struggle getting your children to eat healthy fruits and veggies? If so then have I got an awesome product to introduce you to! As a mom of 6 children I know I am always looking for different ways to make eating healthy fun and exciting for my kids. So when we were given the opportunity to review Copy Kids DVD I was very excited!

What is Copy Kids?

Copy Kids is a video with children having fun while eating 12 different fruits and veggies. It contains 12- 7 minute chapters, each about a different fruit or veggie with different children eating them, the video contains children eating  Apples, Avocado, Banana, Bell Pepper, Blueberries, Broccoli, Carrots, Cucumber, Orange, Raspberries, Strawberries, Tomato. The creator of the video is the mother of a child who noticed her child was not willing to eat a lot of different foods, but when she would see other children eating them she would herself eat them. So she made a video to see if it would have the same effect, and it did!  Copy Kids DVD runs for a total of 115 minutes and is geared towards children 6 months up to 5 years (my 8 year old enjoyed the video as well)

What Did We Think of the DVD?

We loved it, Ethan especially enjoyed the video and would not only copy the children, but was laughing and naming each child as they came up. He loved the fact that he got to choose what fruit or vegetable off the menu he was going to watch next! He now asks to watch the DVD frequently and it has been added to our list of top watched DVD’s! Gabriel loved watching the kids and just stares at the video but did not stay interested for to long. I love how the video lets children eat and play as they want, it’s really unscripted and it makes it a real life video! I also loved how excited the kids got over fruits and vegetables!
Here is a short video about Copy-Kids.
To find out more about Copy-Kids
  • Check out all the other moms who have tried Copy-Kids and see what they had to say about the DVD.
  • Stop on by Copy-Kids website for a look around.
  • Copy Kids was selected by Dr Toy as one of thetop 10 audio/visual products of 2011, saying “It’s a unique tool for parents who want to encourage healthy eating in their children”.
  • Copy Kids is approved by the USDA and added to their Education and Training Materials Database for pre-school nutrition.
  • Stop by Copy Kids Facebook page to see all the wonderful feedback from parents all around the world!
  • They have been given a MACT exelence Award saying “Copy kids is an exciting and fun way to get your children to eat healthy.”

Where Can I Go To Purchase The DVD?
You can purchase your own Copy-Kids DVD fromCopy-kids.comfor 19.95. It is one DVD that is well worth the investment!


Enter The GIveaway from Copy-Kids below to win a your free copy of the Copy-Kids DVD!

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Disclaimer: I was given a FREE copy of the DVD to review and another copy to be sent to 1 of my lucky viewers. That however has not affected my opinion about this product and are my honest opinions.

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