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Absolutely Awesome and Fun Science Curriculum For Kids

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One of the subjects I have struggled to find the best curriculum in our homeschool is science. Teaching kids science just isn’t my strong suit. So for many years, we tried different curriculums. Hoping to find a great one that would be best for our homeschool to no avail.

Until last year, in the middle of the year, the kids were struggling with their science program so much we stopped using it.  There have not been many curriculums we have stopped mid-year because it just wasn’t working out for us, but we did. Then we started Sonlight science in the middle of the year. It was the best choice we could have ever made.

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The main reason we are so happy with their science program is that it has a mix of reading, hands-on learning, and written work pages. It is a perfect mix of everything you need to teach all different learning types. That is perfect for us since we have many different learning types in our homeschool.

Engaging Books

Anyone who has ever used Sonlight knows that they have chosen some amazing books for every subject they offer. Let me tell you, their science program is no different. They provide amazing and engaging books for kids to learn the different concepts. They use these different great books to teach the curriculum.

That means there is no science textbooks, the actual books are the textbooks. That makes this mama so happy. Children can learn SO much just from reading great literature, and Sonlight realizes that!! Sonlight Literature

Sonlight Literature


We love using lapbooks, notebooking, and any other hands-on learning idea that makes concepts fun for kids to learn. So while learning about the different animal groups we made a lapbook. The kids also learned a song from the resource below, and we read books about the different animal groups.

With all these different ways for kids to learn they still to this day remember all the different levels, what they need to have in order to be classified and many facts about them. Making learning fun for kids and allowing them to learn concepts in different ways make the information stick!

Animal Classes Lapbook

Animal Classes Lapbook

Animal Classes Lapbook

Science Songs

There are many fun learning resources with this science program. One of my kid’s favorites is Lyrical Life Science. It isn’t a resource that comes with all the levels. It does come with the first one we used though, and 2 other science levels. It is an amazing resource for kids to learn. The kids learned different concepts with these fun and catchy songs.

The one we used was for different biology concepts. As you may know, many biology concepts are hard for the kids to learn, so they used a wonderful resource that put the topics to music. When the kids memorize these songs they are essentially memorizing the concepts. My boys LOVED this resource and the songs are made to catchy tunes they will often sing while walking around the house. Lyrical Life Science Lyrical Life Science Lyrical Life science

Hands On Resources

We love pulling out our hands on resources that go along with the different topics that are being taught in our science curriculum. When we learned about different rocks and layers of the earth, we pulled out all of our rocks and minerals. In the kids free time they would often get out the rocks, find out what they were, and then look them up in one of our rocks and mineral books. Rocks and Minerals Resources Rocks and Minerals Resources Rocks and Minerals Resources Rocks and Minerals Resources Rocks and Minerals Resources

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Hands-On Projects

While learning about DNA we made some out of marshmallows and licorice. The kids had a great time making them and enjoyed eating them as well.

DNA ModelDNA Model DNA Model DNA Model

Making Models

When we were learning about Plant and Animal cells we made an animal cell cake and a plant cell pizza. It was fun and the kids picked up more of the different parts. Looking for the different items in the store, adding them, and labeling then onto our cells are much more engaging then just reading a diagram on a science book. Even the big kids wanted to join us for these projects, of course!!

Animal Cell CakeAnimal Cell Cake Model Animal Cell Cake Model Animal Cell Cake Model


Plant Cell Pizza

Plant Cell Pizza Model Plant Cell Pizza Model

The kids have had so much fun using this science curriculum. They are also retaining so much of the information they are learning. We go over the information using great literature, working on projects, singing songs, and filling in some worksheets. That means we are covering all different learning types so everyone can learn from the same curriculum.  Something that makes this mama happy!!

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What is your favorite Science curriculum? Have you ever used Sonlight Science curriculum before?? Leave a comment letting me know, and if you have let me know about your experience. I would love to hear from you!



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Disclaimer: We were provided with the Sonlight curriculum and in exchange, we are sharing our experience with the program. We were not required to write a positive review, nor were we compensated in any other way. All opinions are the honest opinions of myself or my children. THis post may also contain affiliate links, please read my full disclosure policy for more information.



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