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Absolutely wonderful, unique, and mobile Lego storage idea


Thank you for sharing!!

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who’s kids love Lego bricks and who struggles finding room for Lego storage. With all the gifts that come every year with 6 kids we have accumulated many, many Lego sets over the years. For a couple years some of the kids have asked for ONLY Lego’s for Christmas and birthdays.


While we are very picky with what toys come into the house, Lego sets are something that get used over and over almost daily they are played with many hours every week. They are such a wonderful thing for kids.

The only problem with Lego’s (other then stepping on them 😕 ) is that when you get a bunch of sets, where do you store them all? The kids don’t want them to end up broken, after all their hard work putting them together that is so discouraging. Lego storage has always been a struggle in our house…. Until now!!

For a while they would be set up at the dining room table. The problem there was that no one wanted to take everything apart and move them at every meal. We would then, have to do school and eat around Lego’s everywhere. Eventually it was just to inconvenient with all the sets they now have. Below is a picture of school around all the Lego’s all over the table, yeah it was a mess.

Lego Table

Once they were moved off of the table, the kids put them in their bedroom. That worked OK, well until someone accidentally stepped on creations and they had to be rebuilt. I know from experience, having a lot of loose Lego’s in a big storage container is hard for the kids to find pieces they are looking for too, and their creations loose pieces into the Lego abyss never to be seen again.  So storage containers didn’t work well either.

We Needed Lego Storage That Would Hold Tons Of Lego’s

So my goal for storing our Lego’s was:

  • Having somewhere their creations (even the big ones) could be safely stored in.
  • Have shallow bins to store the lose Lego’s in, so that it’s easier to find what they are looking for.
  • Have something that is easy to move so they can take it to wherever they decide to play with their Lego’s.
  • Find a way to keep them off the kitchen table, once and for all 😀 !

Since we have many different storage options not being used in our garage, I decided to try using these craft drawers I purchased years ago. I purchased mine from Hobby Lobby or Michaels in the scrapbook section. I watched for them to go on sale for pretty cheap, and bought a few of them. I wasn’t sure how well they would work, but I figured it was worth a try. You can also find these drawers on Amazon, but not for a sale price. I did notice they have a cheaper brand on there so you can get the drawers for less then $20, but I cannot attest to the quality of them.

We have used these drawers for many different things over the years they are really versatile storage.
Originally we used them for homeschool workboxes.

homeschool storage

Next they stored our Montessori trays

homeschool storage

After that we used them for craft and school supplies.

homeschool storage

Now they are the perfect Lego storage!

lego storage-1

We have 3 sets of these drawers off of our living room. Ethan has a whole set of drawers to himself. He has his own, because he is the one who wants nothing but Lego’s as gifts for Christmas and birthdays.

The middle one is shared by Cody and Gabe. The drawers on the right are Anthony’s and also hold all the instruction manuals.
lego storage-14 lego storage-13

The kids have drawers to store their cratons in, some of the larger cratons needed the drawer above taken out so they could fit.

lego storage-3 lego storage-8

You can see there is a drawer out above this bin. It is so that the bigger creations that don’t fit in the drawers can be stored.lego storage-11

Ethan has quite a few lose Lego pieces drawers. Just in the last year has he started keeping his creations together he used to take them apart and make them into other creations. He has also only asked for Lego’s for Christmas and birthdays for the last 2 years.

lego storage-5 lego storage-6 lego storage-7

They also have drawers that they keep their people and a few misc small parts in for easy finding.

lego storage-10

lego storage-4

lego storage-9

We keep all our Lego manuals, we put them in 2 gallon size ziploc bags and put the bags into 2 different drawers. That way if the kids need to know how to rebuild something the manuals are always easy to find. Keeping them in bags help to keep them from not falling apart.

lego storage-12

The drawers have wheels. That means they are very easily move to wherever they want to play, then they can be easily moved back to where they belong after playing!

The tops are just the perfect size to fit base plates with their houses. As well as Cody’s big creation, his castle. That castle has had to be put together way to many times already, hopefully we have put an end to that!!

lego storage-2

We have only been using this system for a short time. Already the kids keep saying how much they love it, and I am loving my table being Lego free!!


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Thank you for sharing!!


        • Hello Ivonne,
          It does not have a brand on it and I do not remember. It is really a scrapbooking storage cart though. I found it at Michaels and purchased it while it was on sale. They do have them at Hobby Lobby and Amazon as well. They are kind of expensive if you do not get them while they are on sale though. So my suggestion would be to sign up for Hobby Lobby’s or Michael’s coupons and use their 30% off coupons that they regularly send if you do not want to wait for the sale.

          I’m sure it will look great in your sons room. Thanks so much for stopping by!!

    • Emma,
      Thank you so much! Some of the big sets have been broken a couple times and I know how much work it takes them to put it back together, it was getting very discouraging for them. This has been such a lifesaver for all the broken creations will be no more.

    • They sure do get upset when something happens to their creations they worked so hard to make, don’t they. I am so glad we finally found a way to stop the kids from getting upset about broken creations.

    • Bella,
      Lego’s are the best I agree. My boys spend hours and hours each week playing different imaginative games with them. They are the #1 item played with in our house. Mixing up Lego sets becomes a big mess, and can make some kids upset. I’m so glad we found this alternatives because my kids would get upset when things were lost in their full LEGO bins. Thank you for stopping over!! Have a blessed weekend!!

  1. This is such a great idea for legos! We just started getting into them for my kids, and right now, it’s just a container–but I know it will grow soon.

    I love how your storage ideas accommodate the finished lego projects that no one wanted to take apart.

    Stopping by from Create with Joy Friday Blog Hop!

  2. Hello Nicole,

    My son loves Legos too and that’s a very good storage solution. At the moment we use the recycle bins from Ikea. They are quite deep and have relatively small lift-up lids and my son gets frustrated with them. I’ll definitely consider your storage idea!



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