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Adventus was a company we have been excited to review for the TOS Crew! A few of my children have wanted to learn piano for quite some time now. When we looked into piano lessons for the kids I was blown away at the cost, it was just something that we couldn’t afford for as many kids wanted to learn. The Music IQ Homeschool program from Adventus has been an amazing alternative for us, not just for the younger kids but also for my older kids!

The Music IQ Curriculum Software and lesson plans offer music instruction for children pre-k ~ Grade 12. It provides students with a complete music curriculum containing not only music instruction, but information about composers, ear training, music note reading, fun games to practice learned skills, and so much more! 
Each of the programs also includes a teachers guide. Inside the Teachers Guide they provide you with A tool for helping student confidence, how to get the most out of the improvisation room, you will find at the end of the teachers editions they provide your students with a printable certificate, they also have provided Musical Alphabet Flashcards, and a blank printable staff. Inside the Teacher’s Edition they provide detailed lesson plans, they include a time frame for each area, and give you step by step directions on what needs to be done, including their interactive program work, they also provide you with lots of extra fun learning ideas including games to play, musician history, printable coloring page & work pages, and more!
The Early curriculum is meant for children (4-8 years old) and contains 25 lessons in it. The children will start by learning high and low notes, and associate them with a whale for the low notes, bird for the high notes, and a man in a boat for the middle C notes. Once children have had a chance to learn and practice the high, low, and middle C notes they transition those to music notes on sheet music, the bird notes become high notes on the music, low whale notes become low notes on the sheet music, and Middle C boat, becomes the middle c in the middle of the sheet music. This eventually turns into songs the children will learn to play. The first part of the program teaches children how to read notes and relate it to the keyboard.
In the second half of the program children will learn to play real songs using the skills learned in the first part of the program. The songs they will be learning include ~ Mary Had A Little Lamb, Hot Cross Buns, Ode To Joy using their Right Hands, Mary Had A Big Fat Sheep, Upside Down Buns, and Jelly Bean Bounce using their Left hand, and then learn Skip to My Lou and Love Somebody using both hands.
Each of the interactive lessons in the younger programs start out by having a composer teach the kids, they start by reviewing concepts taught in the previous lesson and then go onto review songs practiced with Miss Melody in the practice room. During the lessons children will get a chance to hear songs from different composers, and then learn more about that composer during the teacher reading time. 
The children will practice what was learned in the lessons with Mrs. Melody and also make their own song all while using the concepts taught in the lesson with the composers. They have fun games the kids can play to practice on concepts, a recording room where children can record their own music using any instrument they want, and a library where they can listen to their recorded songs or their teachers songs.

What Did We Think Of Adventus Music IQ Homeschool Piano Program?
We didn’t get as long as we had hoped using the program before our review but we have already fallen in love with the program! We ordered the keyboard from Adventus, which got delayed due to one of the huge winter storms. After we received the keyboard I had problems getting the keyboard to work, which I thought was just an issue with me setting the program up, but ended up being the fact the USB cord that came with the piano did not work, we finally switched out our USB cord and were good to go. Once we finally got the program up and working almost all the kids have chosen to use the program every day! 

I have LOVED this program for quite a few reasons, not only did it have music instruction for my younger kids, but it also has an older level for my older kids to! It intertwines music history, learning music notes, and makes kids excited to learn how to play the piano and learn about music history. The kids learn about musicians in the program they are even the teachers, they will listen to music from those different musicians, learn music history, how to read notes, the names of notes, and so much more, I have been amazed everything this program offers! Something else that make the program even more wonderful is that the piano from Adventus is plug and play, so the kids just have to hook the usb cord to the computer and turn the program on, it’s so very simple. 
There are a few things that I have to say could help the program be even better and could lead to some confusion for some people. First off the paper that came in the box with our piano was a bright yellow page that was in big lettering telling us to install the CD on the computer BEFORE DOING ANYTHING ELSE. Because we were using Windows 7 on our computer, we did not need to install this CD onto the computer AT ALL. I found that out from our TOS crew forums so I did not install it. But if I didn’t have the input of the crew, I would have installed the CD and had problems getting it to work. Although I have to say I ended up having to call them to get my keyboard up and working, and their technical department is very helpful and available to help with any problems at quickly through email and available for phone calls during normal business hours.
The last thing that was somewhat of a problem the mouse doesn’t work in the program well, you cannot see your mouse scroll around the program until it is directly over one of the buttons, Ethan is pretty much unable to use the mouse because of this and I have to click everywhere that needs to be clicked on the program for him, once the older kids figured this out they can do it on their own but are still annoyed by it occasionally.
Overall this is a very complete and amazing program to use with children, of any age I would highly recommend it to any parent, teacher, really anyone who is looking to teach their child/children to play the piano, learn about music history, reading music, all while having fun, at a price that is affordable for everyday parents! This is one program we will continue to use well after our review period,  it is VERY love by many of my children!
What is the cost of Adventus Homeschool IQ Music Program?
The Aventus Homeschool IQ Program offers the entire program which gives you acess to every title for kids of all grades for a low monthly fee of $10.95/ month.
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  1. Regarding the mouse, on some computers the graphics card does not allow full screen mode, and it affects the mouse movement. There is an easy work-around, to run it in a window. Try sending this issue to and I think you’ll get past this with their instruction.


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