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The Lion and the Mouse

Our topic last month in our Mother Goose Time curriculum was Fables and Folktales. During our studies we spent 2 weeks learning about different Aesop’s Fables. One of the days we learned about The Lion and the Mouse we learned that little guys can do big things too. After learning the story and talking about it, we also did lots of fun activities to learn about this fable. One of the activities was this fun craft which of course included everything you needed in the monthly shipment.

The boys made lion and mouse puppets. We used them for the boys to repeat the story back to me using their puppets, as well as using them for pretend play through out the week. Gabe particularly loved this  fables, since he is the little one in the house and big siblings will sometimes tell him he cannot do something because he is too little.

Both of the boys wanted to paint their lions and their mice instead of using markers or crayons. After they painted they cut their mice out of the paper (lots of great fine motor skills being taught during painting and cutting). Bot of the boys decided to use tape to put everything together instead of using glue, they are both really enjoy using tape lately and usually choose it to put together projects lately.
MGT September-29 Fables

The boys loved that I let them use permanent markers to draw the dots and face on their lion puppet. We did go over the fact that permanent markers can stain skin, clothes, tables, etc. so they knew they needed to be extra careful when using them.

MGT September-23

MGT September-22

Ethan’s completed mouse puppet.MGT September-27

His lion puppet all finished. For their faces we were provided with soufflé cups that we opened up to make a lion. Fables

Both of his puppets.MGT September-25 Fables

Gabe with both of his puppets.


Disclaimer: As a Mother Goose Time Blog Ambassador I receive monthly shipments with the curriculum to facilitate my reviews of the program. We are not compensated in any other way. All opinions are the honest opinions of my children or myself.

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