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This months Mother Goose Time theme is In The Orchard. During our first week we learned about the lifecycle of the tree, during this time we learned about seeds, roots, trunk, branches, and leaves. This was such a perfect lesson to be able to do right in time for the fall leaves changing colors and falling off the trees. During our second week we learned about fruit trees. Here are some of the fun learning activities we did during the first 2 weeks.


While we were exploring seeds the kids did a couple different activities. For the first one they sorted seeds into an ice cube tray, when they were done with that we counted the seeds, and finally we made patterns with them.

MGT-Seeds-Edited-2 MGT-Seeds-Edited-3

MGT-Seeds-12 MGT-Seeds-13


We also watched this adorable video of the cute ermine popping out of the tree and made our own of them below. The boys love popping their creatures out of the tree stump just like the real ermine does.


The boys made branches with apples and fingerprint leaves on them using green paint and apple stickers.MGT-October-9

We made hungry caterpillars and leaves for them to weave in and out of to eat.

MGT-October-13 MGT-October-14

We have a few books about leaves changing colors, we have made sure to read them at bedtime during the week. This is one of our favorite about leaves changing colors, I love the Lets-Read-And-Find-Out series books they are great for teaching kids about many different topics! (affiliate links)MGT-October-15

We made “lemons” with yellow play dough and added them to our lemon tree counting mats.

MGT_Trees-14 MGT_Trees-15 MGT_Trees-16 MGT_Trees-17 MGT_Trees-18 MGT_Trees-19

We also learned about cherry trees and made our own cherry blossom trees using popcorn and pink paint.

MGT_Trees-22 MGT_Trees-24 MGT_Trees-26




MGT_Trees-21 MGT_Trees-27 MGT_Trees-31

During the 2 week period we also learned about apples which I made a post all about it, stop over and check out what we did.


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Thank you for sharing!!

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