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Building models, doing activity pages, making hats from a time era, and making replicas of the places we are learning about, are all fun ways we like to teach our children about different times and periods of history. After 11 years of homeschooling our 6 children, we have learned that using resources like Dover Publications offers, along with great reading books the kids retain the information so much better. Its almost like bringing history to life for the kids and at the same time making learning so much more enjoyable for kids.

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I often make up different unit studies, pull together lap book or note booking ideas, find great books to read on a topic, etc in order to teach about any time and point in history for the kids. It is a time consuming process, but you get faster with it as time goes on. On top of that once you see how much the kids enjoy learning about the topic you put together, it makes your work very worth while. Over the years of putting together these units, one great resource we have grown to love is Dover Publications. They have such a plethora of great resources  for any topic imaginable, in any age group that make learning about any topic so much more enjoyable and educational. We have used their resources in our unit studies, high school units, Montessori trays, nature studies. You name it, Dover has resources that are just perfect for you!

American History and President Activity Books

I am going to share with you today some of their absolutely amazing resources on American History. Add in a couple great American History books, an you can really make an entire unit on just these resources. They include learning about everything from presidents, the constitution, the White House, Washington D.C., and so much more. There is enough in just these resources to keep your kids busy learning for weeks! That is the great thing about Dover Publications, they work hard to make amazing resources for parents/teachers saving us so much time. You also don’t sacrifice the quality with their resources because they use fun and hands on ways to teach topics.

By adding in so many great facts and bits of information they take all the hard work out for parents. Your kids (and parents) will take away so much information they didn’t know before, you will be amazed.  Making your American History, presidents, Washington D.C., or government units super easy to teach and of course most importantly FUN for kids!!

Homeschool History Books

USA Constitution Activity Book

This book includes mazes, secret codes, crosswords, and other puzzles. They are a fun way for kids to learn all about the constitution and supreme law of the US. The challenges in this book help children learn all about significant historical facts.

Presidents Facts and Activity Book

In this book there are mazes, search and find puzzles, find the differences. You will learn all kind of fun and interesting facts about the different presidents you won’t soon forget.

American Presidents Coloring Book

This book has absolutely beautiful hand drawn coloring pages for kids that includes facts about the presidents. It even includes our newest president Donald J. Trump.

United States Coloring Book

This is such a great resource book. It includes a page on each of the 50 states with a map of the state, the state motto, flower, bird, tree, capital, rivers and mountains. This is such a perfect book for learning about the United States.

Alexander Hamilton Coloring Book

This is one of the newest additions to Dover Publications.  In this books kids will color amazingly beautiful coloring pages, while learning all about Alexander Hamilton. The coloring pages show not only his life as president, but also as a soldier, lawyer, and statesman.

Discovering Washington, D.C. Activity Book

 Using this book kids will learn all about Washington D.C. including the White House, National Mall, Capitol Hill. Includes crosswords, word searches, mazes, word scrambles, and other challenges.

Standups! Presidents: 8 Easy-To-Make Models

We had such a great time making these models. They were simple enough for the younger boys to put together. All of these presidents are easy to punch out and paste together. They are made using sturdy card stock, which makes them great for using in different activities for kids.We have used this along with the Presidents Facts and Fun Activity Book to learn about each of the presidents. The boys have even added them into their LEGO play lately.

Cut and Assemble White House

This is such an amazing resource especially for any American History unit. The model is something that takes a few days to put together, and it is something that should be put together by kids 10+. You cut and paste all of the pieces to make on the very sturdy card stock pieces to make this model. They include clear models and instructions to build it, which makes it really simple to put together. It is really a beautiful replica of the White House, all of my kids were really amazed with how great it turned out.


See what I mean. Their American History resources are really amazing and include so many great activities for kids. You are  sure to fall in love with how much easier it is to put together your lessons, and your students are sure to enjoy how fun the lessons are. Head over to Dover Publications and take a look at all the amazing resources they have to offer teachers and parents.

What is your favorite resource for teaching kids about American history, government, Washington D. C.? Do you like to use activity books, coloring books, or just reading books with your kids? Leave a comment below letting me know, I would love to hear from you!

Dover Publications Discount

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Giveaway of Dover Publications American History Books

Dover is offering a HUGE giveaway of all 8 books ($50 value) listed below to 10 different readers!! WOW!! It is only open for another 7 days so head over right away to get entered to win.

  1. USA Constitution Activity Book
  2. Alexander Hamilton Coloring Book
  3. Discovering Washington, D.C. Activity Book
  4. American Presidents Coloring Book
  5. Presidents Facts and Fun Activity Book
  6. United States coloring Book
  7. Standups! Presidents: 8 Easy-To-Make Models!
  8. White House Cut and Assemble

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Dover Publications American History Books

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