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A good debate is something Serena has always been good at, I have often told her she would make a great attorney some day. So when we were given the opportunity to review The Discovery of Deduction: An Introduction to Formal Logic Student Text Book, and The Discovery of Deduction: An Introduction to Formal Logic Teacher’s Edition from Classical Academic Press for the TOS Crew I knew this would be a wonderful class for her, and boy was I right.
The Discovery Of Deduction Textbook~ 
When you follow the suggested schedule found on their website, you will have an 36 week program that will last about 180 days for a full year program. This class is recommended for students in 8-12th grade. This class offers students learning about detailed instruction on logic bringing real life examples into the lessons making the concepts better understood. While logic classes are usually not available to students until they are in college, students now can participate in a class taught at a High School level by following The Discovery of Deduction: An Introduction to Formal Logic.
Within each of the lessons students will start with reading the Points To Remember for the lesson these are main topics that will be discussed in each of the lessons, following that is a quote, and then the lesson itself. The lessons range from 1-3 pages long and are sometimes dialogues, other lessons go onto teach students something about debating and logic. After the student has completed the lesson they will answer questions about what was learned in the lesson. When used with the Teachers Edition students are given extra learning opportunities after the lesson, links to sites on the internet to help them understand the concept being taught, and even videos that show examples of learned concepts, really allowing students to dig into each of the topics discussed.  

Discovery Of Deduction Teacher’s Edition~ 
Discovery Of Deduction: Introduction To Formal Logic Teachers Edition contains the entire student text, and then the work pages have the answers filled in for easy checking of students questions. They have also included some teachers tips that are helpful in extending or to help further understand the lessons.
Some of the tips they give you are videos and links to sites to further the students studies, notes to teachers about misc information found in some of the debate dialogues to help you understand them better. They also include sample essays, dialogues, & arguments in the teacher’s edition. The teachers edition helps to really extend the lesson and make sure the concepts being taught are further understood and also to help students dig into each of the lessons concepts.

What Did We Think Of The Discovery of Deduction: An Introduction to Formal Logic?Serena has been using The Discovery of Deduction: An Introduction to Formal Logic for the last 6 weeks. The lessons are laid out and explained well enough so that she can independently complete the class. I am able to see that she is understanding everything by checking her answers to the questions after the lessons, and have not had any problems so far. She was so excited to find a class that is usually is a College class as a High School class option, one that she can earn High School credits for!I was amazed at the level of learning that this book covers, I was afraid that Serena would have a hard time understanding the book, due to the advanced reading and vocabulary but that has not been the case. She has had a great understanding of each of the lessons and is able to complete the lessons independently. The lessons do not take her to long each day and will vary between around 15-30 minutes depending on how much reading and questions each lesson has. This class has quickly become her favorite classes she is doing right now!I would recommend this class for any parents that are looking for a good High School logic class, if your child is an advanced reader then they might be able to work on it when they are in 8th grade. I do feel that the 8th graders and even some 9th graders would have a hard time understanding the class unless they were to be an advanced reader due to the detailed lessons and vocabulary found in each of the lessons. But for the students who enjoy reading, learning about logic and debating this is an amazing very complete one of a kind program for them! This is one program Serena will be continuing until the end of the book!

What Is The Cost Of The Discovery Of Deduction: An Introduction To Formal Logic?
Head over to the Classic Acedimic Press website to purchase your own copy of The Discovery Of Deduction: A Formal Introduction To Logic.
$26.95 ~ The Discovery Of Deduction: An Introduction To Formal Logic Student Text
$29.95 ~ The Discovery Of Deduction: An Introduction To Formal Logic Teachers Edition
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