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Even though I haven’t felt good the last week, the kids still kept going and needed things to keep them busy, so here are some of the highlights from the things that have been done.
Hammering is always a hit with Ethan, he loves to use the hammer to pound the tacks in.
Both Ethan and Gabe have enjoyed putting the animal magnets onto the magnet chalkboard. It has been another great way to learn about the sounds the different animals make while we have been spending most of our time upstairs and not down in the classroom in the last week.
The kids have played Blurt a few times, it is a great vocabulary game for the kids.
Cody has been into putting puzzles together lately, it is one of the very few things he enjoys getting off the shelves. Here one of the puzzles he put together last week.
He also finished this Melissa and Doug safari puzzle, he got for Christmas.
Ethan really enjoys this magnet set, he takes it off the shelves almost every day to play with it.
I filled one of our bins with water for Gabe to play with, well he sure played lol, he climbed right into the bin. We do a lot of our messy play on the back porch, it has indoor/outdoor carpet and then cement under it so once it dries up it doesn’t cause any damage to padding or wood under the carpet!
He loves pouring water. He also loves to drink it.
The bin kept him occupied for quite a while, we just had to monitor to make sure he wouldn’t dump the water out of the bin onto the porch, which he did quite a few times.
 Serena and Dustin are in charge of our garden this year for their science. They have been working to get the garden raked out, and got some of their seeds started indoors.
Trios is always a favorite for the boys, Ethan takes them out and plays with them for hours. We have collected quite a few different sets through the years, and have enjoyed them all!
They take a lot of hand muscles to snap the pieces together, and are great fine motor work!

Thank you for sharing!!



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