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Grammar is just one subject some of my kids really struggle with. I have tried many different programs with them to try to improve this area, but nothing has seemed to work. Well that was until I told them they didn’t have ago do a grammar program every single day of every single year for the rest of their school years. What? You may ask … Well read on to find out about this unique and wonderful grammar program we found called Analytical Grammar that will continue to be our grammar program for years to come.

**Because we were given so many different components of the program today I am going to review the main aspects of the program. In a couple weeks when we have been able to use some of the other components I will be posting a second review about those parts of the program.**


Analytical Grammar is a wonderful grammar program that was introduced by Robin Finley who was a language arts teacher for 34 years. She put together the Analytical Grammar program back in 1981 and then worked on the program with her students for 12 years. She did this because the school she worked for, would not purchase the books her class needed.

During this time she realized that if children are taught grammar sequentially and logically then there is not the need to repetitively teach and work on grammar every day of every year. You teach the children all of the pertinent English skills and then review every few weeks through out the year to make sure that the English skills are all being retained. In only 45 minutes – 1 hour of class each day!

You can use the program following a couple different schedules depending on the grade level of your student (the complete schedule is included with your purchase and available on the website).

In order to get through the complete program you will need the Analytical Grammar Set and Reinforcement and Review. If your choosing to include vocabulary and writing you will need Beyond The Book Report season 1,2, and 3, as well as a companion root-based vocabulary program. 

6th or 7th Grade Schedule

Cody (6th grade) will go through the Analytical Grammar program in 3 years. This is what the 3 year schedule will look like.

First Year

During the first year students will be learning about parts of speech, parts of the sentence and simple sentence diagraming. During this time students will be working on the first 10 units in Analytical Grammar, which takes about 10 weeks to complete, we will also begin reading for pleasure, and working from a root-based vocabulary program.

After the 10 weeks is complete we will only have to do 1 review page every 2 weeks using the Analytical Grammar Reinforcement and Review book, continue our vocabulary, and start working on Beyond The Book Report Season 1.

Second Year

For the second year students will be working on the clauses and phrases The second year students will take a week to review, and then work through units 11-17, so between the review and units that will take about 8 weeks to complete. During this 8 weeks, they will also be working on Beyond The Book style reports, and root-based vocabulary program.

Following the 8 weeks students will work throughout the reinforcement and review book, 1 time every 3 weeks, continue working on their root-based vocabulary, and start working on Beyond The Book Report Season 2.

Third Year

For the third year students will be working on correct punctuation usage and punctuation review. During this time they will work on units 18-35 which is about 17 weeks long, during this time students will also be practicing their Beyond The Book style Reports, and working on root-based vocabulary program.

Once they have completed the 17 weeks students will start the final Beyond The Book Season 3, and continue to work on root-based vocabulary.

8th or 9th Schedule

Dustin who is in 8th grade and will be working through the 2 year schedule, his schedule is slightly different from Cody’s. Below I will share what the 2 year schedule for Analytical Grammar looks like.

First Year

For weeks 1-10 we will be working through units 1-10 while he is reading for pleasure and working on a vocabulary program.

Weeks 11-21 he will be working on Analytical Grammar Reinforcement and Review 1 day a week, starting Beyond The Book Report Season 1, and continue vocabulary.

Weeks 22-28 he will be working on units  9-15, complete 1 book report, and continue with vocabulary.

For weeks 29-36 he will work on Reinforcement and Review once a week, work through Beyond The Book Report Season 2, and continue his vocabulary.

Second Year

To start the second year students will work finish the last units in Analytical Grammar for the first 16 weeks of the year working on units 16-32, doing some Book Reports, and vocabulary.

For the rest of the year they will work on High School Reinforcement and Review one day every other week, work through Beyond The Book Report Season 3, and finish up their vocabulary program for the year.

Younger and Older Students

Children younger then 6th grade could use the Junior Analytical Grammar for an introduction to general grammar concepts, for your high school students they offer High School Reinforcement.


Analytical Grammar Set (Includes the student, teacher book,) $94.95


Extra Student Book  $49.95

The Student Book is something your student can write directly inside of and depending on what grade they are on they will use this book for 1-3 years. It is a big page book that includes 35 different units inside, and has pages that are easy to remove so that your student can make their own English binder with the notes pages found inside. Students will learn all grammar concepts in this book, it is an amazing resource!

Teachers Book 

The teachers book is a replica of the student book, it is 391 page book but has all of the answers to the work pages, notes, and tests for you. Not all programs do you need to use or purchase the teachers book, but in my opinion the teachers book is a must have when teaching this program.

Analytical Grammar DVD Companion $39.95


The Analytical Grammar DVD’s are a wonderful addition to the program. They were very helpful to both of my kids because they work through the units with the kids and give tips and ideas I would not have known about. If you use the companion DVD’s there will not be to much (if any) instruction time from the parents.

I still would go over the pages with your kids once they have completed them and talk about any wrong answers they might have made, we talk about how they should have answered the question and I answer any questions they might have. Each of the videos are around 10 minutes long and gives instruction for each of the different units.

What Do We Think Of Analytical Grammar?

Well Cody has been telling me he loves English now, Dustin is actually doing the pages without me checking only to find out that the page really isn’t done. That could say it all!! For children who would hide English books in hopes that mom would forget to ask that is a BIG change.

I love how easy the program is to use, the fact that I will not be teaching grammar every day of every year to each of my children is such a blessing for us. The fact that the program makes the kids only do Grammar for short periods of time and then gives them a break is something I’m sure both the kids and myself will greatly appreciate!

The program requires little instruction from parents and almost no instruction from parents if the DVD Companion is used along with the program. This in itself is wonderful to find with such a comprehensive grammar program for a mama who spends quite a bit of time working on school with all of her blessings!

The program is comprehensive enough to where I am not worried about my children not getting certain skills from an Grammar program. The program is a little pricey, but when you take into consideration what you would spend on any Grammar program over a 2-3 year period for middle/high schoolers, I don’t think it’s that much higher then other grammar programs (even cheaper then some).

The quality of the program in of itself and the way they teach it would be well worth the money. I will continue to purchase our grammar curriculum through Analytical Grammar for all of our children, as well as recommend it to other homeschooling families.

More Info About Analytical Grammar

You can head over to the Analytical Grammar website for more information or to purchase the program. The website has videos with a complete explanation of the program, they have FAQ’s, virtual convention videos, as well as sample pages for you to see.  You can also find Analytical Grammar on Facebook.

Analytical Grammar Discount Code:

I have been given a discount code to share with you, if you head over and make a purchase on Analytical Grammar and enter the discount code HHC10 you will get 10% off your purchase. 

Disclaimer: I was provided with a copy of Analytical Grammar products for review purposes and was not compensated in any other way. All of the opinions are honest opinions of my children or myself and have not been affected in any way by the free products. Please read my full disclosure policy for more information.

Thank you for sharing!!


  1. Hello there, thanks for review. I am wondering if the teacher edition is necessary if purchasing the DVD companion? We’ve used the Classical Conversations curriculum in the passed and while it is an awesome program I feel the AG will be a better fit.
    Thanks :}

    • Heidi,
      Thanks for you question, the DVD companion is not necessary to do the program. You will have to do the teaching without the DVD though and the program is not scripted for teaching. We loved it because my older kids could work independently. If I can answer any other questions please feel free to ask!

  2. […] For our older kids (junior high and high school) they use the Analytical Grammar and Beyond The Book Report along with the reinforcement and review books. The thing both the kids and I love about this program is that they teach the kids the concepts 1 time, and then just review it periodically so that they don’t forget the concepts. They don’t reteach the same concepts year after year!! You can read my full review of the program HERE. […]


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