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Chickens I’ll bet that title got you to look 😉 ! Yes there are now 18 of us instead of 8, but no we did not add 10 children to our household, we have added 10 chickens to our household instead.

We have been purchasing organic eggs, but at $3 a dozen and going through them pretty fast, I figured it was time to start raising our own. We had been planning on it for a while just never did it.

We have had them for about 6 weeks not and they were about 6 weeks old when we got them. They did need to be watched very carefully when outside for the first few weeks and some extra TLC to help them de-stress. Mainly because they looked like a yummy dinner to a couple local hawks that live in the area. So Cody, Dustin, and Anthony took turns being chicken shepherds for a few weeks, once their beaks hardened up I wasn’t quite worried as well as the fact that they now have sheltered and a huge area to roam around which include a few bushes to hide in!



Gabe loved just sitting out with the big kids!
Gabe loved just sitting out with the big kids!




When we first got the chickens they were pretty stressed out the farmer was getting rid of them as fast as he could because 1 of his dogs started eating them. So we got a good deal on them and had to work at getting them to calm down after getting them. The first week they were pecking at each other so much that they were picking each others back feathers out and making each other bleed, duck tape worked great as a distraction without pulling their skin off when it needed to be removed. It took about a month for their back ends to clear up and their feathers to finally start growing back.

Here you can see our oldest chickens back feathers are starting to grow back in this picture.P1060141

Their first night home in a temporary are, the kids had so much fun just watching them. As you can see they did have to use a flash light because it was getting dark by the time that we finally got an area set up for them and got them settled for the night. When we got them home I thought it would be a great idea to just let them out into the back yard while we got everything ready for them, and they decided to show us the small areas they could sneak out of our yard. So Jake and the kids went on a wild chicken chase so they didn’t get out to a main road and were back in our yard. It was really quite funny to watch, I told the kids it was to bad I didn’t have my camera on me, I’m sure they were glad I didn’t though  😉 .


The little boys have so much fun helping us fill their food containers and helping keep the chicken coop cleaned.




Watching the boys catch them can sure be some great entertainment especially when they were really small  😆 At this point there was no gate around them (which became a weekend task to complete) so the boys were acting as their gate so they wouldn’t escape to the holes in the fence.



Anthony and Dustin love holding “their” chickens! They are slowly getting used to it!

Image (1)



This is our oldest chicken, I am thinking she will start giving us eggs any day now! The other hens have a few weeks before they are even old enough to start giving us eggs. She didn’t really want me to take a picture of her so she kept running away in the pictures.

Image 6

\ Image 10

One of their favorite things is the mulch pile, between that, the grass/weeds in their area, and bugs they are not eating much of their actual food anymore. As soon as we come in with the mulch pile bucket they all come running over to eat its pretty funny 🙂 !

Image 12

Image 2

I cannot wait to finally start getting our own eggs daily. With the amount of chickens we have and the breed they are we should be getting close to a dozen eggs every day!! I’m pretty sure we will put them to great use, and have some to share with those who want them!

I will be posting in the next couple weeks on our DIY chicken coop that Jake and Dustin built!

Thank you for sharing!!


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