Thank you for sharing!!

I figured I would update everyone, because I will not be posting through the weekend and haven’t been on the computer much last week either. I am very ready to be done with our season of trials, everything that has happened in the last month has been such a roller coaster ride, and has brought a whole new meaning to trusting God! It continues to give us strong faith, but still is so emotionally and physically draining, I just cannot wait for our lives to get back to a normal routine for more than a week!

I hate to have to do this but I am going to say one big Thank you for all the wonderful comments and compliments over the last week!

The last couple weeks I have been dealing with a lot of pain in my right rib due to a very wrong move I made in the car, which I just assumed at first was pulled muscles. This past Tuesday morning I woke up and things started to make a turn for the worse, I was struggling to breathe.  I went down to my doctors office, my primary care dr was booked so I seen a Physicians Assistant. She did an EKG and it was abnormal, my heart rate was very high, and my heart murmur was getting bad, she told me it was probably anxiety and gave me meds to help with the anxiety (which I took against my better judgment) she also referred me to the cardiologist for a complete heart work up. I told her I thought she needed to do a chest x-ray but she told me that wasn’t necessary. I was told if it wasn’t better by Thursday to come back in to be seen.

Thursday morning came around and things were not any better only worse, I couldn’t even talk without getting completely out of breath. I called and was able to get in with my primary dr, when I got to the doctor my heart rate was 300 and my oxygen levels were between 70-80%. I discussed everything with the doctor and she decided I needed a chest x-ray because not only of what I told her but she heard decreased breath sounds in the right lung. After the x-ray the doctor came in and told me that she thought it was pneumonia or a pulmonary embolism, but after looking closer it was my shriveled up completely deflated lung a pneumothorax, I had been walking around with a completely deflated lung for 2 weeks! No wonder why I have been so miserable lately!

After arriving at the ER they took their own x-rays and told me what the doctor said, that they would have to put the chest tube in because I did indeed have a pneumothorax, and because the lung was so bad the tube would probably have to stay in for about 1-2 weeks. I was told once I didn’t need oxygen anymore and my chest tube didn’t need the wall suction, I could go home but with the chest tube still in.

I had the chest tube put in and was admitted into the hospital. They sent me down in the next morning for x-rays to recheck the lung (only 16 hours after putting the tube in) and the pneumothorax was healed and the lung was completely inflated again.

The only bad thing was that because my lung inflated so fast I developed water around my lung (Pulmonary edema) The doctor said he was completely amazed and had never seen someones lungs heal that fast! They decided to try taking me off of the wall suction and take another x-ray 3 hours after that to see how things were looking. Well 3 hours later not only was my lung lung still inflated and the hole was still holding up but the water around my lung was clearing up pretty fast as well.

Because things were going so much better than they could have ever expected, they decided to try closing the tube off and seeing if my lung could actually function on its own and again x-ray after 3 hours to see how things were looking. 3 hours later they did another x-ray and my lungs were looking great and the water around my lungs was almost completely cleared up.

So only 19 hours after having a chest tube being inserted my lung was looking so good they were able to pull the chest tube out and let me go home. I was told I would have to have a chest tube in for 2 weeks and less than 24 hours it was able to come out! It is still amazing to me the power of prayer, how it can defy all odds, even in the worst situations!

Thank you for sharing!!


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