Thank you for sharing!!

We have finished our Human Body unit and now have started our space unit. This past week we started with learning about ours, and other Galaxies and played a Black Hole game! We are using a couple different manuals to help us on our studies. First for the little boys we are using Karen Tylers Astronomy Manual, second for the older kids we are using Intellego Unit Studies Astronomy.

Montessori Astronomy ~ Galaxies

We started our week learning about how big our galaxy really is by watching the following movie
Next the kids worked on The Big Bang Balloon experiment and filled out the experiment page to better understand our ever expanding universe.
The writing prompt was what words would you use to explain our Galaxy?
We did THIS experiment to watch how a the shape of a galaxy is effected by gravity. We used water, 6 clear glasses, measuring spoons, and dry milk (represents stars)


 Gently rotating the water, to see the galaxy shape formed.


Anthony added our “stars” to the glasses




This was our trial for Fast rotation

Lastly the kids drew a picture of “the Milky Way” galaxy using some of our space books as reference.

I also did the presentation out of Karen Tyler’s Album on The Galaxy for Ethan and Gabe to watch as well! The presentation is such a wonderful and concrete way to explain the galaxy to the younger kids!


Stop by and see my Space Pinterest board for other great space ideas to try with your kids WidgetsStop by and see the wonderful blogs I am linked up with, for other wonderful ideas for kids!

Thank you for sharing!!


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      Thanks so much for your compliment, it is always appreciated! Thanks so much for featuring our post and pinning it! I hope you have a wonderful week!


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