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We started out our Astronomy unit learning about Galaxies, after we studied different galaxies for a few days we moved onto Gravity, and finished off our week learning about Black Holes and playing a Free printable Black Hole Game! So today I am sharing our gravity and black holes resources!

We watched the following Magic School Bus video on youtube to learn a little bit about gravity.


We did THIS worksheet, the kids had to take their weight here on Earth, and figure out what they would weigh on other planets. It was a great way to see that weight is the measure of gravitational attraction. They had fun doing this, especially when Dustin realized he would weigh 2800 lbs on the sun lol.
Black Holes:
We finished off our week studying about black holes, and started by reading our Usborne First Encyclopedia of Space Book.
The kids watched the following video about Black Holes.
When we were done watching out video, we worked together to make our printable Black Hole Game
 Falling Into A Black Hole: Here is a picture of all the game pieces. There are 4 space ships on the bottom, those are playing pieces, the little squares on the instructions are anti-gravity cards, and the rectangular cards on the board are the activities.
Here is just the board, and the activity cards.
It was a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon 🙂
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Thank you for sharing!!


  1. The NASA link is really neat. I haven’t been there before, but I’ll probably make the board game with my kids sometime this week. Have you and your kids read either Uncle Albert’s Space and Time or George’s Secret Key to the Universe? Both of those have great discussion around gravity.


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