Astronomy Learning Ideas

Astronomy Resources

We have done a couple astronomy units in our homeschool during our blogging years. This is the page that lists all our those resources.

The Sun

Astronomy The Sun

When we learned about the Sun we made a solar oven out of a pizza box, a solar flip book, and watched a couple videos about the sun.

Phases of The MoonAstronomy Moon Phases

We spent a few days learning about the phases of the moon. During this time we made a flip project that was a great way to learn about the different moon phases, I also shared a FREE printable of the different moon stages definitions.

Gravity and Black Holes

Astronomy Black Holes

We had a lot of fun playing a black hole printable game found online while learning about gravity and black holes.


Astronomy Galaxies

We used our Montessori manual to learn about galaxies during our Astronomy unit. The little kids made galaxies in a jar, drew pictures of the Milky Way Galaxy, and more fun hands on ideas.

Astronomy Hands On Learning Ideas

astronomy hands on learningHere is a look at our astronomy hands on learning ideas. These are some astronomy themed Montessori trays, our favorite astronomy books, and many other great hands on ways to learn all about outer space.

Outer Space Sensory Bin

Astronomy Outer Space Sensory Bin

Our Outer space sensory bin was a huge hit and got played with multiple times a day. It was simply moon sand, space TOOB, and a couple other Dollar store items.


Here are a few of our favorite learning products found on Amazon (affiliate links)

My Space Learning Pinterest board has tons of Astronomy learning ideas for kids of all ages, head over and see what goodies you can find.

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