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How To Make Your Own Awesome Homemade Bubble Solution

With how much bubble solution we go through I decided it was time to start making our own DIY Homemade bubble solution.  This recipe makes the most awesome bubbles, it is even better that the stuff in the store!

What you will need to make homemade bubble solution:

  • 5 Gallon Container best with a lid for storage
  • 30oz bottle of JOY yellow dish soap
  • 16 oz Clear Karo Syrup
  • Cold water
  1. Pour the bottle of JOY dish soap and the Karo Syrup in your 5 gallon container
  2. Fill the bucket the rest of the way with cold water
  3. Stir and enjoy!!

Here is a few pictures of my kids and niece enjoying the bubbles!  As you can see in the pictures the bubbles that our homemade bubble solution is better then any other bubble solution that I have ever seen. The bubbles are huge and super easy for the kids to make bubbles with.

We have collected many different bubble wands over the years, but I keep them stored away with our homeschool supplies. For our bubble solution play I set a tray out for the kids  with all of our bubble wands to use, and they played for hours.
We even made our own bubble wands using pipe cleaners made into whatever shape they wanted.
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