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We use Math-U-See as our math curriculum in our homeschool to teach all of our kids. While we use it everyday, I love adding hands on learning ideas to help the kids gain fluency in different math concepts. We love using board games, printable games, card games, and other hands on learning ideas to do this. Today I am going to share with you some of our favorite fun ways to teach kids math concepts using different math games we have purchased and loved over the years.

Some of our games were purchased years ago and there has been an update on the games, so they will look slightly different in the Amazon links then in our pictures. The new games are played the same way as the oldĀ ones are they just got an updated look to them. Other games we play regularly but haven’t taken pictures of them, and I have included them as well on our list. All of the games have an Amazon link for your convenience, since this is where we purchase all of our math games at the cheapest prices.


Awesome Math Games For Kids


Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division Games

Sum Swamp

For this game kids get practice in addition and subtraction facts as well as learning odds and evens. The recommended age level is for kids 5+.

Math-Games-Sum-swamp Math-Games-Sum-swamp

Pop for Addition and Subtraction Game

This game is suggested for kids ages 6+. It helps kids kids work on mastering addition and subtraction facts 1-10! It is for 2-4 players and includes 2 different levels of play and 3 game variations of play.


Pop-For-Addition-and-Subtraction-Game Pop-For-Addition-and-Subtraction-Game

Sequence Numbers

This game is recommended for kids ages 7+. You will use equation cards and put your answers onto the board of numbers which will be your answers. Kids practice both addition and subtraction facts. You can play with 4-6 players.


Head Full of Numbers

This game is suggested for kids 8+. It helps kids practice addition, subtractions, multiplication, and division skills. It can be played with any number of players.




Dino Math Tracks Game

This game is meant for kids ages 6+. In this game kids will practice counting, addition, subtraction, and place value skills. There are multiple levels of play in this game. Meant for 2-4 players.

Dino-Math-Tracks-Game Dino-Math-Tracks-Game


Even Steven’s Game

This game is for kids ages 8+. It helps kids learn addition, subtraction, and quick thinking skills. There are 2 different levels to play for players of any level. It is for 2-4 players.


Even-Stevens-Math-Game Even-Stevens-Math-Game

Money Math Games

Money Bags

This game says kids 7+, but my kiddo who just turned 6 loves this game and does great with it with a little help from a big kids or parent. In this game kids will get practice in learning to count money. They will learn using different coins, since the spinner will tell them what coins they cannot use, it makes them learn different ways to make a certain amount of money. This game can have 2-4 players.


Math-Games-money-bags Math-Games-money-bags

Clumsy Thief

This game is for kids ages 8+. It is a fast paced very fun money learning game where players try to make a money stack of $100. It is meant for 2-6 players.




This game is for kids ages 5-11. Kids will learn how to make change, handle money, recognize money,and more. It is meant for 2-4 players.



Buy It Right

This game is for kids 6-9 years old. In this game kids will learn about money recognition, making change, and adding money. This game is meant for 2-4 players.



Fraction Games

Fraction Pizzas

This game is suggested for kids ages 6+. It works on teaching and practicing fractions with kids. It offers many different ways to play so kids of all skill levels can play this game.



Fractions Bingo

This game is meant for kids ages 8+. Kids will practice learning fractions playing the classic BINGO game. There can be 3-36 players in this game.


Frog Pond Fractions Learning Game

This game is for kids ages 5-9. Kids will learn about fractions playing this game, there are multiple different levels to play to allow different skill levels to play. It is meant for 1-4 players.




Misc Math Games

Reproducible fun math games to teach a variety of different math skills. We love using different pages in these and other books to reinforce math skills and fluency.

Regular games can teach children a variety of different skills as well. These are a few that are our all time favorite games to play with kids.


What are your favorite ways to teach math concepts or fluency to kids? Leave a comment below and let me know!!

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Thank you for sharing!!


    • Amanda,
      I’m glad to hear we are a lot like you in homeschooling! It is amazing how quickly kids can learn concepts from hands on learning ideas and these games are perfect for that. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. These look like so much fun! I really need to buy more math games for my girls. We play dominoes but they don’t learn much from Pretty Pretty Princess…LOL! Thanks for joining us at Share The Wealth Sunday! Hope to see you again tonight!

    • Lisa,
      These games are so much fun. I love that they not only teach kids different concepts but they are also screen free activities my kid regularly ask to play! Thanks for stopping by and for hosting!


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