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This week is the 3rd week of the Not Back-To School blog hop hosted by iHomeschool Network. This weeks topic is Back To School Photos. A great excuse for all of us bloggers to share photos of our blessings!

If you are new here, welcome! We have 6 blessings (5 boys ~ 1 girl) that tend to keep us very busy, this year we are entering our 9th year of homeschooling.

Here is a picture of all of our blessings. Getting 6 kids to look good in a picture is not fun, but you can almost see their personalities in their faces!


Our oldest and only girl is Serena. She is currently 15 but will be turning 16 in about a month. She is a huge help to me with the kids and doing things around the house. She is a book lover and is regularly found reading and also loves playing the piano. She is also very strongly oppinated and not afraid to tell someone the truth, to a fault. Which is a character trait she is constantly working on 😉 . She is turning into such a beautiful young lady that I am proud to call my daughter.


Dustin is 14 and is a very hard worker! He helps with most of the jobs that need to be done around the yard as well as other tasks around the house. There is no way I would be able to get all of the yard work or things fixed around the house with everything else I do, so I am very grateful that he can help me with them. He is our bread baker (really because he enjoys eating the batter 🙂 ) he also enjoys sewing and does all the mending in our house.


Cody is 12 and is my quiet one, he is really kept to himself and doesn’t say much more then he needs to at all which is mostly due to the social impact of Autism. He is a hard worker when it comes to getting his school done for the day, as he will often get up early to get his school done as quickly as possible. Matter of fact this summer he completed his whole math class for the upcoming school year. He has an amazing memory as long as it doesn’t have anything to do with chores 😉


Anthony is 10 and he is our class clown, he is always doing funny things that will make almost everyone laugh. He is happy kid, has a big heart, and is a wonderful big brother helping the little boys with just about anything they need help with. He is also a hard worker and when he does a job you can expect it to be done 100% without much complaining if any he also loves to help me in the kitchen.


Ethan is 6 and he is the one who keeps me on my toes the most. Out of all of my children he has taught me so much about parenting and how to change the way I do things to the abilities of each of our kids. He is always on the go, full of energy and needs LOTS of physical activities to keep him regulated. When he isn’t being physically active he is working on building and creating things. He is exceptionally gifted which keeps me working to constantly keep up with new things to teach him that are challenging for him, yet not over his head.

photo 4

Gabriel is 4 and is our youngest, and will be our last. He is a big sweetheart who loves everyone, anyone who knows him would tell you that. He is very sensitive and emotional to things people say or do which can get interesting sometimes. He is a quick learner, loves listening to stories being read, and LOVES Thomas The Train! His personality has really started coming out in the last year and it is a wonderful thing to see.


I hope you have enjoyed our back to school photos of all of our kids, you can stop over and read about our homeschool curriculum that we are using for each of the kids for the upcoming school year.

If your new here and would like to find out more about our family you can read all about us on our About Me page. You can also see previous years back to school photos to see how much the kids have grown over the years.

Stop over to the Not Back-To School blog hop and see other homeschool back to school pictures, there will be lost of great bloggers linked up there!!

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