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Welcome to part 4 of our beach and ocean unit! For anyone just joining us, I have split our beach and ocean unit up into 5 different posts and am posting them every other day, the last three days topics were,
  1. Part 1 – beach and ocean shelves.
  2. Part 2 – Ocean sensory bins.
  3. Part 3 – movement activity

Today I am sharing some of the misc. beach and ocean activities we did during our beach and ocean unit, my camera got dropped into the cats water bowl thanks to my toddler, and was out of commission the part of the second week when we worked on a couple of our ocean science experiments, so my post is shorter than originally planned.

Gabe and Ethan enjoyed using our Big Ocean Book, I purchased from Sam’s Club a while ago. The book has lots of learning activities, all ocean themed. Ethan is tracing his letters so well, as well as writing them independently!
Gabe had fun finding the letters I called out, he found almost all of them.
The boys read stories from Ed Helper, and Reading about some of the ocean animals we learned about. We also read a couple of our Ocean themed books every day.
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Ocean Science Experiment:
For our experiment we filled a container with water, filled 2 balloons with water 1 with cold water and 1 with hot water. The kids guessed which balloon would float and which would sink.

The boys predicted what would happen and also recorded the experiment in their science notebooks

The boys enjoyed using our balloon boat in the pool on a hot day.

On another hot day we added our Dollar store grow sea creatures to the pool. We did find out that they need to be added to water about 3 days before you want to use them. Good thing I tried one in the bathtub with Gabe before getting them all out 🙂 We added some blue water beads for some even more fun!
The kids explored our shells, starfish, and sand dollars that were added to our science shelves.
We played fishing with our Melissa and Doug fishing puzzle a couple days.

Stop back Sunday for the final part to our beach and ocean unit series, when I will be sharing our beach field trip with 2 of Momma Of 4 Cutiez Kiddos, because what beach and ocean unit would be complete without a beach field trip!
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We made lots of yummy food last year, which included a beach cake, sailboat deviled eggs, goldfish edible aquariumoctopus and noodles, and sailboat sandwiches.
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Thank you for sharing!!



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