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Our first 2 weeks back to school we focused on oceans and beaches, we were using our Summer Montessori manuals, and are just about finished with them.

Because we have done so many fun activities during our beach/ocean unit, I have decided to split the posts up into a series of 5 different posts, and will be posting a new post every other day until the series is finished.

Today I am sharing our beach and ocean unit shelves our shelves are a mix of hands on learning activities that can be geared towards any age, but most of my shelf activities are for my 2 1/2 and 4 year old.

Here is an overview of the shelves.

Starting on the top shelf on the right is our beach and ocean books in a basket. There are also some flowers that can be colored with markers to make your own fabric flowers. I am hoping that letting Gabe use markers with these flowers will get him to stop sneaking markers and coloring all over himself 🙂

Next to our book basket on the top shelf, we have sailboat erasers in creamer cups. Gabriel has been throwing our glass cups on the floor and breaking them very frequently, so I am hoping that working adding some glass cups to our shelves and working on using them “very carefully so we don’t break them” will make him stop breaking the cups 🙂

Here is an overview of the lower shelves.

The next shelf down we have on the left our fish and star fish bath mats and a mustard spoon to scoop the marbles onto them. Gabriel uses his hands that in itself is wonderful fine motor work for him! to the right is our spikey balls that need to be sorted into the correct colored bowls.

Next shelf down we have starting on the left is is our fish puzzle, this is a great puzzle to work on color recognition to the right is Sum Swamp an addition and subtraction game.

Next shelf down we have starting on the left, again some cups but these ones have gems in them to pour between the 2 cups again, to the right is our lacing fish.

Again cups but this one has gems in them to pour back and forth, working on using them “very carefully.”

Also on the bottom shelf is some ocean molds and paint bottles to fill them up with. Just a fun activity for the kids to do.

Ethan loved using the paint to make ocean animals, and it is great fine motor practice!!
Don’t forget to stop back on Monday, I will be sharing our beach and ocean sensory bins!
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We made lots of yummy food last year, which included a beach cake, sailboat deviled eggs, goldfish edible aquariumoctopus and noodles, and sailboat sandwiches.
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Thank you for sharing!!


  1. I just came from the Montessori Moday’s link. I love all the great ideas! Have to save them for later. Thanks for sharing and I am looking forward for the other posts. Blessings!


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