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The month of January is a busy birthday moth for us. We have both my Grandma’s and Grandpa’s birthdays, we also have Jakes, Dustin, Cody, and Anthony’s birthdays and they are all within 8 days of each other. We try to do something special for each of the boys on the days of their birthdays even though they are so close together. The kids get to choose what they want for dinner on their birthdays and then get cake, cupcakes, muffins, or whatever they want and yes that means some years we are not into anymore cupcakes by the end of January¬† ūüėČ .

This year each one of the kids got a fleece blanket for 1 of their gifts since I have decided that regular comforters do not hold up to regular washing and use… We made them extra large and with designs so that the kids could use them for a long time! I found the fleece on sale for VERY cheap during day after Thanksgiving sale. Thanks to help from my wonderful daughter they all were made in time for their birthdays!!

Jake’s birthday is always celebrated with Enchiladas for dinner and lemon cake, this year wasn’t any different, well except that he was wearing one of our New Years hats.


Dustin’s 14th Birthday!!!

I have been privileged this past year of watching my boy blossom into a wonderful young man who is not only taller then I am now but his feet are much bigger then mine. The day he was born and the following 10 days after his birth were such a scary place to be in NICU with a baby who had a hole in each of his lungs, Sepsis (infection in the blood) as well as pneumonia. I am grateful that the Lord got us through that journey which has made him into the strong fighter he is today. I am blessed and honored to be his mother!

Dustin had a cake that we picked up from the store, it was late by the time we got back on the night of his birthday from errands and we didn’t have time to make anything he was just as happy getting to actually pick a cake out.

Jake had some fun with his present, he gave him a box of good night diapers, once he opened that he had a box of canned peaches, after that he had tissue paper covered in packing tape. All of that to find out he got the I-Phone (with no service) which he was ecstatic about because according to him an I-Phone is better to use for listening to music then an I-Pod…

Dustin Birthday Collage

As you can see by this picture, Anthony was still pretty miserable the day of Dustin’s birthday.


Anthony’s 10th birthday.

I remember the day we brought Anthony home from the hospital like it was yesterday. I was stuck in the hospital longer due to a bad infection I developed after delivery. That meant that Jake and friends were moving our house while I was in the hospital, and I came home to a house full of boxes to unpack as well as a newborn, 2, 4, & 5 year old. He was an amazing baby and has grown into an amazing young man. He is patient with the younger kids, funny and is always making people laugh, and an all around great kid. I thank God everyday for this kid!

For Anthony’s Birthday, he choose to have ice cream instead of a cake since it had been less then a week since he had a his tonsils and adenoids taken out and regular food was still not in his diet. He did however still manage to have a big smile on his face despite how he felt just a few days before that.

Anthony Birthday Collage

He got a scooter that despite the fact he cannot use 1 of his feet due to his cast, he found a way to ride it around the house… He is one of my very determined kiddos¬† :-D!!


Cody’s 12th birthday.

Cody was our first kid that was born healthy and wasn’t taken to NICU, anyone who has had kids taken to NICU and had to leave the hospital without your baby knows just how emotional it is for a new mom full of hormones to leave the hospital without your baby…. I was Grateful!!! He was put through years with many medical issues and the only way he was able to get through it was having parents advocate for his health. He is now my quiet kiddo, doesn’t verbally talk back usually, and is a loving child. The strength God has shown through this child is amazing! I am so very blessed that God blessed us with Cody and gave us the ability to know how to fight for him.

For Cody’s Birthday we made some cupcakes and had my dad over for dinner and a few games of Uno. You don’t find a smile as big as the pictures in the collage below on his face very often!

Cody Birthday Collage


We did a family dinner out at a restaurant which rarely happens with as many kiddos as we have. But it was great fun for everyone!! My sister, niece, Grandma, and Grandpa all joined us for dinner.



I am so blessed that the Lord has trusted us with these boys. I pray that God continues to guide us on parenting journey of raising them.

Thank you for sharing!!

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