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Every year as soon as it gets warm we walk lots of the local nature center trails. Blanford Nature Center is one of the local nature centers we visit regularly, because it is free to get in and the kids can get right into nature up close it is a much loved place. I prefer bringing the kids out to places they can run and get their energy because lets face it boys NEED somewhere to run and play to get their energy out.

When we arrived I was sad to see they are starting to charge a fee to get into the nature center now, so I’m not sure that we will be going to this nature center that much anymore we will probably start utilizing ones that don’t charge a fee to get in.


When we got to the Nature Center we let the kids play in the nature play area they have set up for kids.

Blanford_Nature_Center_1 Blanford_Nature_Center_2 Blanford_Nature_Center_3 Blanford_Nature_Center_4 Blanford_Nature_Center_5 Blanford_Nature_Center_6 Blanford_Nature_Center_7 Blanford_Nature_Center_8 Blanford_Nature_Center_9 Blanford_Nature_Center_12 Blanford_Nature_Center_16 Blanford_Nature_Center_19 Blanford_Nature_Center_23


The kids love finding walking sticks to use while we are out on the trails. Anthony told us that he had the perfect walking stick, I told him that I wasn’t sure it was going to work so well, he disagreed at first and then he tried it out and it snapped right in half.



He also helped Gabe look for a perfect walking stick for him to use. He is always so thoughtful.

Serena decided she did not want to wear shoes, I cannot imagine walking the nature center trails without shoes, but she walked the whole time without them. I have learned one important lesson as a parent, pick and choose your battles and wearing shoes is one I am not going to pick to fight about she has even got glass stuck in her foot at one time and had to go the med center to have them cut it out and still doesn’t care, oh well, gotta love stubborn teens 🙂

Blanford_Nature_Center_21 Blanford_Nature_Center_33 Blanford_Nature_Center_43 Blanford_Nature_Center_44

After we played in the kids nature play area for a while, we headed over to the big pond. The frogs were making so much noise you could barley hear each other talk but they were still hiding so we could only see a few of them.

Blanford_Nature_Center_11 Blanford_Nature_Center_14 Blanford_Nature_Center_15
Blanford_Nature_Center_25 Blanford_Nature_Center_26 Blanford_Nature_Center_27 Blanford_Nature_Center_29 Blanford_Nature_Center_30 Blanford_Nature_Center_31 Blanford_Nature_Center_32

We also walked up on a whole heard of deer. They ran pretty fast once they heard us coming.
Blanford_Nature_Center_35 Blanford_Nature_Center_36 Blanford_Nature_Center_37 Blanford_Nature_Center_38 Blanford_Nature_Center_40 Blanford_Nature_Center_41 Blanford_Nature_Center_42

After we walked around the pond we took the trails to the big pond with a dock. Because we visited about a month ago most of the lake was thawed but there was a small area that was still frozen over.

The kids loved examining the algae.
Anthony was Gabes buddy for the day

Blanford_Nature_Center_45 Blanford_Nature_Center_47 Blanford_Nature_Center_46

What things do you do with your family to explore nature?

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