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For those of you that are not aware April is National Autism month. A disease that has a special place in our every day lives. We have 2 children that are on the Autism spectrum thankfully both of them are high functioning. 1 of them has received a diagnosis, the other one we know that he has it but we have not gone in for testing for the official diagnosis.

We have one of our Autistic kiddos that is on the very low end and doesn’t like to do much talking or do much work at all which is slowly getting better with weekly therapy. The other is the complete opposite and full of energy ALL the time trying to keep him regulated is a constant struggle.


Facts About Autism

Autism is a neurological disorder that is growing at a very alarming rate. In looking for ways to help my boys we have made very many lifestyle changes to improve the outlook for our whole family. Here are a few facts about Autism I am sharing with you today.

  • In the world we live in today, there are 1 in 68 children who have autism.
  • There are 1 in 42 boys are diagnosed with it. Boys are 5x’s more likely to get Autism then girls due to that fact that boys have a weaker blood brain barrier.
  • Back in 2000 and 2002 1 in 150 children were diagnosed with Autism. That is a HUGE increase in the amount of children being diagnosed with the disease.
  • While part of this is due to the fact that they are becoming better with diagnosing these kids, part of it is (in my opinion after lots of research) because of all of the toxins introduced to our children’s bodies at such an early age.
  • Autism is the fastest growing developmental disorder in the United States.
  • Did you know that the cost of lifetime treatment of Autism can be reduced by 2/3 just from early intervention? That is one of the reasons we feel strongly about early intervention for these kiddos.
  • The symbol used for Autism are puzzle pieces, the reason for this is because of the mysteries and complexity of Autism.

Great Books About Autism

One of the ways that I have learned to deal with my Autistic children is to understand how they think. I have done this through reading MANY Books about Autism. Many have been a blessing and really helped me, but there is always books that were not so helpful.

Autism Resources

Today I am going to share with you some of my favorite books and websites to get a real understanding for Autism and the different treatment options available to these children.

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  2. [asa book]1935274651[/asa]
  3. [asa book]1932565620[/asa]
  4. [asa book]1935274503[/asa]
  5. [asa book]047039126X[/asa]
  6. [asa book]1478242108[/asa]
  7. [asa book]1849057796[/asa]
  8. [asa book]1250041112[/asa]
  9. [asa book]0345494512[/asa]
  10. [asa book]0990904105[/asa]

 Great Online Sites About Autism


  1. This is a great site for understanding autism as well as different treatments available and more.
  2. Autism Speaks offers many resources for parents and families, including how you can get involved, signs to look for, and more.
  3. Autism Now offers links to find professionals in your area that can help, articles by topic, help in the classroom/on the job/in the community, and many other great resources.
  4. The Center for Autism has many great and useful resources.
  5. The Autism Society offers many different resources including finding resources near you.
  6. Th Autism Research Institute is a great site that will help you keep up on the the research about autism and current treatments available.
  7. Looking into different therapies for your Autistic child so you can make the best decisions for them? This site has information on over 100 different treatments as well at the top 12 treatments available.
  8. This site has information on Asperger Syndrome and High Function Autism, it is a nice resource for parents.
  9. Disability Scoop offers a wealth of information for anyone with a developmental disability, there is a section just about Autism that has many great articles.
  10. National Autism Network has a lot of information to help you better understand Autism and help you decide what treatment is best for your child.

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What is your favorite resource for learning about Autism? Leave a comment below letting me know I am always looking for great resources to educate myself!


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