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Despite my attempts at getting Dustin to pick up on certain english skills he has continued to struggle with many of his English skills. So when we were given to opportunity to review a remedial English program from Bridgeway Academy for the Schoolhouse Review Crew I was excited to see if this program would work for us.

We were given Bridgeway English Book 1 Focus on Grammar, Bridgeway English Book 2 Focus on Writing, and Bridgeway English Key to review. This program is recommended for students in grades 7th-12th grade who are struggling to pick up English concepts, as a remedial English program. Dustin has been using this program for his English for the last 7 weeks and has been doing it 4-5 days a week.

All of the Bridgeway English Books are free from cluttered pages, do not contain colorful or bright pictures or illustrations, which is a great help for those kiddos (like Dustin) who get distracted very easily. So if you have kiddos who like bright colorful pages or many pictures and illustrations this is not the program for you!!

Bridgeway English Book 1 Focus on Grammar ~

Each lesson has a section where they go through and explain the concept to the students, and then it goes onto the work pages for the lesson. The concepts taught are taught in a way where the kids  are learning about 1 small concept in the lesson at a time, they also fully explain the lessons to where the kids can understand what is being taught and retain the information.

All important English concepts are found inside this book so that your student will have a very good understanding of all English concepts before moving onto book 2 Focus on Writing.

Some of the concepts that are taught in Bridgeway English Book 1 Focus on Grammar are four types of sentences, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, run on sentences, prepositional phrases, and many other important English concepts.


Bridgeway English Book 2 Focus on Writing ~

After your student goes through the Grammar portion of the program they are ready to start the second book which focuses on Writing. Focus On Writing works with students to teach them how to first write sentences, and then moves onto writing full papers.

Because students have already gone through book 1 which teaches grammar and then learns about writing sentences through out book 2 students have plenty of practice and understanding before they are required to write papers. The program walks the students through the writing process so that they feel comfortable writing a paper. 

Some of the concepts students will learn while working through Focus On Grammar are editing, proofreading, grammar and mechanics, writing skills, rules of capitalization, letter writing, business writing, reasoning, fact versus fiction, and many other important concepts needed while writing.


Bridgeway English Key ~ The Teacher’s Answer key has a short letter at the beginning of the book, and the each page contains 2 pages worth of answers. This makes grading pages easy since there is nothing else in this book to have to look through and again no distractions or extras on the pages or through out the book. This is the answer key for both Level 1 and 2.


For both the grammar and writing program students will work through a unit and will learn about the concepts, take section reviews, and then take a self-test. This has been helpful for making sure that Dustin is not only exposed to each concept for only 1 lesson and has helped him retain the information so much better because it is reviewed multiple times.

Something that both Dustin and myself have enjoyed about this program is that instead of having the whole lessons worth of instructions and the answering a bunch of questions after the lesson. They split the lesson up into small segments, and teach students 1 small concept at a time and then ask them to answer a few questions about that 1 concept and then move onto another concept in the lesson. This is repeated through out the lesson until each of the topics are learned for the lesson.

I have enjoyed the fact that while this is a remedial English, the program is designed to be self-motovotional. This saves me from having to teach one more class. The only things I have to do with him each unit are go over the tests with him, supervise his correcting of the lesson work pages, administer tests, and make sure he gets his work done each day.

The program uses the mastery cycle of learning, allowing students to get at least an 80% mastery level of each unit test or they need to repeat the unit until they are mastering more of the concepts. This really helps to make sure that if students are struggling in a concept they are given the extra help and not just expected to move onto the next concept being taught.

Dustin has been doing quite well with the program, he is finally picking up on some of the grammar concepts he has really struggled to pick up before. I am not fighting to get him or hearing complaints when he is asked to do his English which is something he really struggles with if he is not enjoying a class. I really think that the fact the book is not full of colorful illustrations or distractions has a big part in helping him to enjoy English finally!

Head over to Bridgeway Academy website to get your own copy of Bridgeway English.

Bridgeway Academy Focus on Grammar $23.33

Bridgeway Academy Focus on Writing $23.33

Bridgeway Academy Teacher Answer Key $23.33

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Thank you for sharing!!


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