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We had my niece over the other day, so we got some school work done in the morning before they got here, and then went and spent the afternoon outside having some bubble fun! I whipped up a quick batch of our great Bubble solution, filled a couple buckets with it and let the kids have fun! To make your own very easy bubbles click here for the directions.
Here are some of the things they had to choose from.
Cody’s very big bubble!!  I had the kids make their own wands with pipe cleaners, and they worked so well!  We used 2 pipe cleaners together to make a circle and the bubbles were very big!
One of Anthony’s Big bubbles!
And of course the kids trying to catch the big bubbles lol.
Shawn giving it a try, and everyone waiting patiently in line behind him.
The pipe cleaner bubble wands worked better than the regular bubble wands, even the littler kids could use them.
Dustin figured out how to blow bubbles with his hands. Rub bubble solution all over your hands, rub together and then make a circle with 1 hand or both, then blow!
Teaching his cousin.
What a great teacher!!
We have been teaching Ethan how to pump on the swings, so Dustin was helping work on that with him!

Here is another fun ocean recipe we made…
Edible Aquarium:
1 loaf of French loaf bread
2 packages of cream cheese
blue and green food coloring
Any kind Gold Fish crackers (we used chocolate and space)
Cut your loaf of bread into thin slices,  microwave cream cheese for about 1 min.  Mix some of the blue and green food coloring into the cream cheese I will say I had to use a lot to color it the way I wanted. Spread the cream cheese onto the bread slices, and arrange your goldfish however you would like!


Thank you for sharing!!



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