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Butterfly Craft For Kids

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With us visiting the butterfly gardens a few times in March and April the kids had fun making a super easy butterfly craft for kids! I picked up this craft kit from Oriental Trading Company for the kids and set it out on a tray so it was ready to go when they wanted to do it! Each kit comes with 25 butterflies, sticks to scratch off the covering, and string to hang them with.


The boys have loved working on this and we quickly had lots of butterfly decorations all around the house, it it such a simple butterfly craft for kids that even Gabe (3) loved and was able to make the cute butterfly craft idea!






P1040121 P1040118 P1040117 P1040116 P1040114 P1040112 P1040111



After they spent time making decorations on their butterflies they added the string to them to hang them up, all over the living room.

P1040100 Butterfly_Craft_Idea_18 Butterfly_Craft_Idea_17 Butterfly_Craft_Idea_16 Butterfly_Craft_Idea_15 Butterfly_Craft_Idea_14 Butterfly_Craft_Idea_13 Butterfly_Craft_Idea_10 Butterfly_Craft_Idea_8 Butterfly_Craft_Idea_7 Butterfly_Craft_Idea_6 Butterfly_Craft_Idea_5 Butterfly_Craft_Idea_4 Butterfly_Craft_Idea_1 Butterfly_Craft_Idea_2 Butterfly_Craft_Idea_3


Looking for more butterfly craft ideas for kids? Last year we madeĀ some stained glass butterflies during our butterfly unitĀ that were easy and fun to make!!












We have been working on our Butterfly Ideas for kids during the last 2 months, this is always a fun unit for the kids to work on!















If your still looking for other Butterfly Craft Idea for kids? Stop over to my Pinterest butterfly board for lots of butterfly ideas!!

Screen Shot 2013-05-12 at 6.31.24 PM











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