Helping Your Child With Language Based Learning Disabilities

If you have ever tried to teach a child with a learning disability then you know what a challenge it can be. It can be hard not only for the person trying to teach the child but even more of a struggle for the child. If they are not given enough compassion and encouragement learning can continue to be something that they continuously struggle with even into their adult years. Forming a good relationship with these children is critical to their sucess. As a homeschool parent who has multiple children with learning disabilities, I have seen the difference it can

Tips For Continuing To Homeschool During Spring Break

With Spring Break on the horizon, homeschool families all over are wondering if the plan is to take some time off or stick with a routine and schedule to stay on track. And honestly, that choice is up to you.  As a homeschooling parent, you know what your daily, weekly, and monthly routines are like. You know the pace that you want to keep and you know the topics that you want to teach. If putting a pause on homeschooling over Spring Break is going to cause stress later on down the road, there are ways that you can continue

Homeschooling Tips To Get Over the Winter Slump

I don’t know about you but homeschooling during the winter months can feel really, really exhausting at times. While everyone tends to get a bit of cabin fever during these cold and dreary months, homeschoolers tend to feel it a bit more since they aren’t actually leaving their home on a daily basis to head to school. So, what happens when that winter slump hits and starts to wreak havoc on your homeschooling plans? The easy answer? You stop it in its tracks! And while that is the easy answer, it can also be easier said than done. If you’re

Christmas Unit Study Ideas

As I’ve said before, every year during the month of December we take the enteire month off of our regular homeschool studies. This means no book work, no regular lessons, etc. Now, that doesn’t mean that we don’t do anything for the month. We are more relaxed, but it is more of a fun relaxed. For this month we like to spend time teaching our children about the REAL reason behind the season. During the month, we spend time reading great Christmas books, making crafts, learning about the meaning of the Christmas symbols, and more. We also enjoy making DIY

35+ Absolutely Beautiful Jesus Birth Crafts That You Have To See

During the Christmas holiday we take the entire month of December off of school. We spend that time¬†learning about the Christmas story, making treats and gifts for friends and neighbors and just spend extra time together. It has helped us to have a much calmer holiday. My kids love making crafts so when we make Christmas crafts I try to make sure that they have something to do with Christ’s birth. Over the years I have put togher a list of craft ideas that we choose from when making these crafts. The list needed to have more simple crafts for

Ocean Slime Recipe with Animals

If you’ve been on the hunt for a great sensory activity and craft, this Ocean Animal Slime may be the answer to your needs! First off, everyone loves slime. Adults and kids alike just cannot say no to the ooey-gooey fun that slime brings. No matter how your day is going, playing with slime is absolutely going to make it better. There’s no denying that fact! When it comes to making your own slime…it’s actually a ton of fun! And did you know that it’s totally simple and easy to make? With just a few ingredients, you and your kiddo’s

Africa Unit Study Ideas

Many years ago we started teaching our children using the Montessori Method. I love the way it taught the kids to do it themselves, and it was particularly great for our autistic kiddos. The Montessori way of teaching is something I love to this day. If it wasn’t so complicated to try and have many kids all at different levels, as well as infants and toddlers all at the same time, we would probably still use that method for teaching our kids. Even though we don’t use that as the main backbone for teaching our kids, I use many of

The Importance of Teaching Kids How To Type When Homeschooling

Disclaimer: I received TypeKids for free and was compensated for writing this post. I was not required to write a positive review, and all opinions are the honest opinions of my children or myself. Please read my full disclosure policy for more information. In today’s day and age, computers, and technology tend to rule the roost. While paper and pencil learning is still around, it seems like a lot of the homeschool programs and learning are becoming more technologically advanced and computer-based. One of the fears of those who homeschool their children? That they won’t be as advanced in computers

Simple Ways to Foster the Love of Reading for your Child

Disclosure: I received the product for free and was compensated for writing it. I was not required to write a positive review, and all opinions are the honest opinions of my children or myself. Please read my full disclosure policy for more information. While we were given a free trial of the program, we have had a paid version of the program for almost a year now as well. Growing up, I loved reading. I found that I loved to use my imagination and read books. It honestly really didn’t matter what type of books, either. I enjoyed mysteries, comedies,

Summer Craft For Kids ~ Paper Butterflies

If you are looking for the perfect summer craft for kids, this Paper Butterfly Craft is exactly what you’ve been searching for. When it comes to finding crafts for the summer that kids enjoy, it can be a bit tough. Kids nowadays are wanting crafts that are fun, engaging and unique so that they can feel as though they are creating something completely different than anything they’ve done before. With this Paper Butterfly Craft, your kid will love how fun and unique this craft truly is. From the moment that they start, they’ll be hooked by the beautiful colors of

Kids Summer Craft Idea – Paper Flower Garden

If you are looking for a kids summer craft idea that they are certain to love, this Paper Flower Garden craft is an absolute must! To be honest, there are so many reasons that I love this craft. First off, I love the fact that the directions are step by step and extremely user-friendly. It’s a craft that I can choose to do together with my children, or let them try on their own since the steps are so guided. And the other reason that I love this Paper Flower Garden craft? It’s the perfect way to have beautiful flowers

Keeping Teens Motivated During Summer

With summer months on our doorstep, it can be a bit of a challenge to find ways to keep your high schooler motivated to continue homeschooling throughout the summer. It’s hard to want to continue on with learning and schoolwork when those beautiful summer breezes and rays seem to be calling their name. While it is important to continue with learning throughout the summer, there are times that it may be a little more difficult than others to keep your high school homeschool student on track. And when that happens, don’t worry. It’s absolutely normal for them to have those