Light Table Activity

One of this months manipulatives in our Mother Goose Time curriculum was these translucent shapes. We have used them in quite a few different ways through out the month one of the kids favorite ways was using them for a light table activity. Each month Mother Goose Time sends some really amazingly wonderful manipulatives every month with their curriculum. This month was no exception, they included some translucent shape blocks. We have used them through out the month for many different activities, and have had lots of fun with them. The first way we used them was on our activity mats

100+ Outer Space Learning Ideas For Kids

This month in our Mother Goose Time Curriculum we are learning out Space. Each month we use a the preschool curriculum with our preschooler, but my 1st grader loves to do the activities with him. I look around and put together activities that are a little more challenging for him to do along with our unit. So here is my round up of all of the great outer space resources I have found for the month. Great Outer Space Learning Ideas For Kids   Our Favorite Astronomy Books on Amazon Most of our astronomy books have been purchased from the thrift store or

Outer Space Sensory Bin Idea

This month we are working on Outer Space in our Mother Goose Time curriculum, we put together one of our old outer space sensory bins that I have already shared previously on the blog this month. We also put together another sensory bin for the kids they have really enjoyed. What’s Inside the Space Bin? Water Beads Black Space Sand Water Outer Space TOOB We have used this bin in a couple different ways the first couple days we had water in the bin and used it as a water sensory bin, after those couple days we drained the water

3 Valentine Day Sensory Bin Ideas

Sensory Bins are used regularly in our house. Not only do we have fun learning using them but 1 of the ways to get Ethan calmed down is tactile activities, sensory bin being one of them. For Valentine Day we made a few different sensory bins for the boys to explore. We have made MANY different sensory bins for the boys, you can head over to our sensory bin page to check out all of them including some more Valentine day ideas ones. Some times we just reuse Valentine Day Water Bead Sensory Bin What’s Inside The Bin? Water Beads

2014-2015 Homeschool Curriculum Choices

DISCLOSURE POLICY: I have some affiliate links in this post, I only share links to products we use. To read more about our Disclosure Policy click HERE. This Years Homeschool Curriculum Choices   It’s curriculum week over at the Not So Back To School blog hop hosted by iHomeschool Network. So what better time them to share what curriculum we will be using for the upcoming year. This year we will be entering our 9th year of homeschooling our blessings. Wow where did the time go… We will have kids in grades 11, 9, 7, 6, 1, and preschool this year.

Things To Do In Michigan With Kids ~ Blanford Nature Center

Blanford Nature Center ~ Things To Do In Michigan (with kids) We recently had some friends come and visit from California, and spent part of the day enjoying Blanford Nature Center. It had been a while since we visited, and the kids loved walking around and exploring all that this great nature center has to offer. During the early spring they have the Sugarbush Festival and you can watch the whole process of maple syrup making, which is a lot of fun (and of course educational as well)! Before heading out on the trails we took a potty break in

Homeschool Planning ~ Binding Your Own Books

Welcome to the last day of our 6 day series Homeschool Planning A Step By Step Guide. I have covered many different topics through this series all of the links to those posts can be found at the bottom of this post. Today I am going to cover book binding, how we use it and how it saves us TONS of money! Book Binding Due to the fact that we have 6 children to homeschool through the years, things can get very expensive if your not careful. One of the ways I have saved a ton of money is by

St. Patricks Day Sensory Bin

** This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links, thank you for supporting us!** Since Ethan still continues to love sensory bins, I continue to make them for him they are 1 thing that will calm him and help him focus better. I shared 1 of our other St. Patricks Day sensory bins not long ago. For this bin I just used water and water beads, but added a few extra St. Patrick’s Day goodies as well. The nice thing about water beads is that when you are done using them you can strain out the broken ones and let them dry

St. Patricks Day Sensory Bin

We have put together another fun St. Patricks Day Sensory bin for the kids to play in. Sensory Bins are something my 2 younger boys and even sometimes the older kids enjoy playing in, we add in learning aspects to our bins, and the kids work on misc fine motor skills while playing. Some bins are messier then others but most of our bins are easily cleaned up so the boys who made the mess can help clean in up! What’s Inside The Bin: For our filler we used our Rainbow Rice Mini St. Patrick’s Day mugs (perfect size for

Valentines Crafts ~ Open Ended Art

One of the things we really enjoy doing around the holidays is open ended art projects. So for Valentine’s Day I had a basket out with some Valentine’s Day decorations that the kids could use to decorate a plain paper heart for a Valentines Crafts. What Are Open Ended Art Projects? For anyone wondering what the purpose of open ended art projects is, or even what they are I have decided to explain them a little for you. Open ended art projects are projects in where children can choose what they want to create using a selection of art materials.

If You Were Me and Lived in… Schoolhouse Review Crew #hsreview

I really enjoy teaching my children about different cultures and countries. The thing is that we like to do it in a little more unconviential methods. We tend to enjoy doing more reading living books, doing hands on projects, making lapbooks/continent boxes/notebooks, or anything else I think my children would learn best from. That is why we were very excited to review Carol P. Roman with Away We Go Media series If You Were Me and Lived in… We received 4 different books If You Were Me and Lived In… Mexico, If You Were Me and Lived In… South Korea, If You

Halloween Sensory Bin ~ DIY Moon Sand

Sensory bins is something the younger boys and the bigger boys love using. So I decided to make a halloween sensory bin using DIY Moon Sand. We have tried to make “cloud dough” before using flour and baby oil which worked, but made a very big mess!! So this time I decided to add sand to it hoping it would be less messy. I was right, and we will be using this recipe in the future for other batches of Moon Sand. I will give you the measurements we used to make our Halloween Sensory bin with DIY Moon Sand.