Brightly Colored Patriotic Tie-Dye T-Shirts

Looking for an awesome 4th of July Tie-Dye T-Shirt craft? This is one that is perfect for a wide variety of ages! Last summer I thought it would be fun for the kids to tie-dye t-shirts for the 4th of July. I did a bunch of research to find out the best way to make great and brightly colored tie-dye.  After researching, I quickly found out that it’s best to purchase reactive types of dyes from Dharma Trading Company. This is because their dyes stay brighter for much longer then the regular dyes you can purchase from the stores or

Christmas Unit Study Ideas

As I’ve said before, every year during the month of December we take the enteire month off of our regular homeschool studies. This means no book work, no regular lessons, etc. Now, that doesn’t mean that we don’t do anything for the month. We are more relaxed, but it is more of a fun relaxed. For this month we like to spend time teaching our children about the REAL reason behind the season. During the month, we spend time reading great Christmas books, making crafts, learning about the meaning of the Christmas symbols, and more. We also enjoy making DIY

35+ Absolutely Beautiful Jesus Birth Crafts That You Have To See

During the Christmas holiday we take the entire month of December off of school. We spend that time learning about the Christmas story, making treats and gifts for friends and neighbors and just spend extra time together. It has helped us to have a much calmer holiday. My kids love making crafts so when we make Christmas crafts I try to make sure that they have something to do with Christ’s birth. Over the years I have put togher a list of craft ideas that we choose from when making these crafts. The list needed to have more simple crafts for

Colorful Turkey Kids Craft Idea

If you’ve been on the hunt for a colorful turkey kids craft idea or a super fun kids fall paper craft, look no further than this craft idea! How many hours have you spent scouring online for the perfect turkey craft? With so many varieties and options, it can be extremely overwhelming to find one that is easy and fun. Let me make it a bit easier for you…This colorful turkey craft is crazy simple and so much fun! Trust me…I have a bunch of children, and we love making this kids fall paper craft together! The steps are simple,

Africa Unit Study Ideas

Many years ago we started teaching our children using the Montessori Method. I love the way it taught the kids to do it themselves, and it was particularly great for our autistic kiddos. The Montessori way of teaching is something I love to this day. If it wasn’t so complicated to try and have many kids all at different levels, as well as infants and toddlers all at the same time, we would probably still use that method for teaching our kids. Even though we don’t use that as the main backbone for teaching our kids, I use many of

Glow In The Dark Search and Find Bottle

If you are anything like me, you’re always searching for something new and entertaining for your children to explore and play with. I was over the electronics, I was over the super messy crafts, and I was really concentrating on finding something creative and exciting that I knew my child would be over the moon for. I was beyond ecstatic when I discovered this Glow in the Dark Search and Find Bottle. It combines the use of several of your child’s senses to be fun, engaging and rewarding as well. Children love the texture of playing with rice, and then

DIY Felt Sea Creatures Craft for Kids

What child doesn’t love all things related to sea creatures? They are fun, unique and have an aura of mystique that tends to make children drawn to them even more. With this fun DIY Felt Sea Creatures Craft For Kids, your child can create their own sea creature to call their very own! The beauty of this craft is that it allows your children to create their sea creature on their own. The drawings and measurements don’t have to be exact and offer a bit of forgiveness if little errors are made. This craft does a great job at allowing

DIY Glowing Nightlight For Kids

For kids, the dark can be a place that they just don’t seem to care for. No matter the age, they always seem to want some sort of nightlight or light shining to help alleviate a few of those shadows lurking in the room. Instead of raising your electric bill each and every month, why not give these DIY glowing nightlight for kids a try? Perfect for bedrooms at nighttime and or even during camping, this DIY Glowing nightlight is a great solution! Not only do they shine brightly, they are super fun to make as well! Imagine spending time

Summer Craft For Kids ~ Paper Butterflies

If you are looking for the perfect summer craft for kids, this Paper Butterfly Craft is exactly what you’ve been searching for. When it comes to finding crafts for the summer that kids enjoy, it can be a bit tough. Kids nowadays are wanting crafts that are fun, engaging and unique so that they can feel as though they are creating something completely different than anything they’ve done before. With this Paper Butterfly Craft, your kid will love how fun and unique this craft truly is. From the moment that they start, they’ll be hooked by the beautiful colors of

Kids Summer Craft Idea – Paper Flower Garden

If you are looking for a kids summer craft idea that they are certain to love, this Paper Flower Garden craft is an absolute must! To be honest, there are so many reasons that I love this craft. First off, I love the fact that the directions are step by step and extremely user-friendly. It’s a craft that I can choose to do together with my children, or let them try on their own since the steps are so guided. And the other reason that I love this Paper Flower Garden craft? It’s the perfect way to have beautiful flowers

Easy DIY Christmas Crafts For Kids

Every year I work with the kids to make some easy DIY Christmas crafts for kids but one of our favorite things to make are Christmas ornaments. We hand them out to family and hand some on our tree every year. When we decorate the tree every year, it is so fun to talk about the memories made making each of them. They also make perfect gifts for family, we have so many DIY ornament crafts hanging on our tree I love it! I have been working on putting together some cute Christmas crafts for kids to share with you.

Easy Fall Craft Idea For Kids

Once the weather gets cold around here we tend to stay inside the house more than normal.  That means that I need to find different crafts and activities to keep the kids busy. One thing we love to do on a rainy day is a fun fall craft idea for kids. I just love the craft ideas and supplies that Oriental Trading Company offers. NOTE: We were provided with the products to write this post from Oriental Trading Company. As their blog ambassador, we share ideas we love with our readers to let them see the great products they offer. We