25 St. Patricks Day Ideas ~ Inspire Me Monday #71

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How to Make an Excellent Grass Hat Kids Craft

This simple to make kids craft was a hit this month with our Mother Goose Time Curriculum!! These grass hats were not only simple to make but were so much fun to play with too. Supplies Needed for Grass Hat Kids Craft Green Construction Paper Bug Stickers ~ (ours came in our curriculum, these are some similar ones on Amazon) Scissors Stapler We started out cutting the green paper strips in half to make sure we would have enough to fit on the kids heads. Then they used their scissors to cut along the top to look like grass. Once they

Festive Christmas Learning Ideas that are Memorable and Fun

One of the things that I love doing in our homeschool is doing fun activities with our kids to teach them the true meanings of each of the holidays. Mother Goose Time always makes sure to include holiday celebrations in their monthly shipments. Every month there is a holiday one of your packages will be any holidays celebrated during that month. Today I am going to give you a look into our recent festive Christmas learning ideas from our Mother Goose Time curriculum. When going over each of the different symbols of Christmas we make sure to talk about what each of

Things That Go Craft

With this months topic we have had a lot of fun learning about Things That Go craft! The boys made a huge DIY Car mat but they also made these fun car, truck, and traffic cones to add to their DIY city. DIY Car with Moveable Wheels Our first project was to make a car. We used the provided cardboard printouts found in our Mother Goose Time curriculum and then attached the wheels with a straw going through the car with a wheel on each side. DIY Pick Up Truck For our pick up truck we folded the provided template

Ocean Learning Fun

We have been having lots of fun this past few weeks exploring different topics about the Ocean with our Mother Goose Time Curriculum. I have already shared some of the big ocean animal fun ideas that we have done, today I am going to share about the small animals we have learned about. As I have stated before Ethan has recently had many medical appointments and his first surgery of a couple planned for the next 9 months. I told him when we were doing school each day for the week after his surgery and let him join us if

Over 80 Ways To Teach Kids The TRUE Meaning of Christmas

This post contains affiliate links, read my Disclosure for more information. With all the hassle and bustle of the season, many of us forget to remember the true meaning of Christmas. So today I though I would share with you some ways we practice celebrating the TRUE meaning of Christmas and some other ideas from around the web. We have done this with an Easter post, and it is always a viewer favorite around the holidays.   Some years we take time to learn about how different countries celebrate the holidays. We shared about our Hannukkah unit that we did

Over 50 Pinterest DIY Christmas Gifts

With so many great DIY gift ideas around the web that are easy to make and with how amazing some of the ideas are, I decided it would be fun to put together a list of over 50 from around the web in 1 big post. This will not only be useful for me when I am looking for some Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas, but hopefully be helpful for some of you when your looking for that special gift idea. I think DIY Gift ideas are a wonderful thing to receive, they show all the hard work and love someone has

Easter Egg Decorating ~ 4 Fun and Easy Ways to Decorate Eggs

Welcome to Day 5 of our Easter Egg decorating ideas, today is the last day of our Easter Egg Decorating series, and is a round up of all the ideas that were shared this week. What was your favorite Easter Egg Decorating Idea? Leave a comment and let me know! Here are a couple pictures of all the eggs put together in a basket that was set on the table for our Easter Brunch with our family! The kids enjoyed eating them up in no time. On Day 1 ~ we shared our recipe for making our Easter Egg Dye,

Easter Egg Decorating ~ Multi-Colored Striped Easter Eggs

Welcome to day 4 of our Easter Egg decorating ideas, Day 1 I shared how brightly dye Easter eggs, Day 2 we made Wax Resist Easter Eggs, and Day 3 we made Marbleized Easter eggs, today I am going to share 1 last fun and creative way to decorate Easter Eggs. For Day 4 ~ Our idea came from this Pinterest idea, well lets just say ours did not turn out anything like theirs looked like. The rubber bands were hard to get on the eggs without breaking the eggs, Dustin tried masking tape and that just came off in the water.

Easter Egg Decorating ~ Marbleized Eggs

Welcome to Day 3 of our Easter Egg Decorating series, in day 1 we learned how to dye eggs using vinegar, water & food coloring, that is the recipe we will be using to dye our eggs today as well. In day 2 we learned how to make wax crayon resist Easter Eggs! Today I will be teaching you how to make marbelized Easter Eggs! I found this great idea on Pinterest and thought it would be a fun and unique way to decorate our Easter Eggs this year. This is such an easy way to decorate Easter Eggs it only

Easter Egg Decorating ~ Wax Resist Easter Eggs

Welcome to Day 2 of our series on decorating Easter Eggs! In case you missed day 1 we used dye to decorate our eggs. Today we are sharing our wax resist Easter eggs idea for decorating Easter Eggs! This was a new idea I had not ever tried before last year, but we were all very pleased with the results. DIY Wax resist Easter Eggs Supplies Needed: Wax crayon (we used clear crayons) Hardboiled Eggs Whatever colors you choose of dye mix (yesterday I shared how to make your own dye mix if you need to know how to brightly

Easter Egg Decorating ~ Dying Eggs

Last Easter we had a lot of fun making different eggs for Easter, really we just make them to eat because my kids love eating hard boiled eggs! So we had different kids decorate eggs a few different ways. Each day for the next 4 days I will be sharing a different ways for Easter Egg decorating. The first way we colored eggs was just plain old dying eggs. Ethan, Gabe, and Anthony all did these. Easter Egg Decorating: Ingredients: 2 Cups boiling water per bowl 2 TBS Vinegar per bowl Food Coloring in whatever colors you want I use