25 Family Friendly Vacation Spots In Michigan

There are so many great family friendly vacation spots in Michigan. It’s one of our favorite types of vacations to plan where we know that we can bounce around and see so many different things. With our family being so large, it’s so nice and refreshing to find a wide range of activities that we can all see and enjoy. No matter if you’re looking for history or just some fun outdoor exploration, Michigan is one state that truly has it all. We’ve traveled around and hit up almost all these locations and I know for a fact that we’d

Easy Strawberry Freezer Jam ~ With 1/2 The Sugar

Every year we make a bunch of strawberry freezer jam to fill our big freezer to last us until next strawberry season. We have now realized the kids will no longer eat store bought jam anymore. I can’t blame them since homemade jam tastes SOOO much better. Plus it doesn’t have any preservatives, dyes, and is all organic!! The first couple of years we made normal freezer jam, following all the regular freezer strawberry jam recipes are made. Last year was the first year we decided to only add 1/2 the amount of sugar to the recipe. The original recipe calls

The Ultimate Guide To Field Trips In Michigan

Michigan is an amazingly beautiful state with a huge variety of places to spend the day learning about so many different topics on any field trips in Michigan. There are over 240 different lighthouses along the 3,288 miles of shoreline in the state making Michigan the longest freshwater coastline in the United States. There is so much water to be found in Michigan that over 40% of the state is covered in it. With that much water in 1 state and 1/2 the state being covered in forests, I’m sure you can guess that there is a huge population of

40+ Things To Do In Michigan Upper Peninsula

There are so many family friendly and memorable things to do in Michigan Upper Peninsula. While visiting You might see wolves, black bears, or moose. There are over 400 different types of birds, over 150 waterfalls, you can hike mountains, canoe along huge rock cliffs, search for sea glass along lake Superior, learn to make maple syrup, go morel mushroom hunting, eat the famous pasties, and so much more! For anyone who hasn’t visited the UP, this is one place that you MUST visit! The beauty of Michigan Upper Peninsula is simply amazing and breath taking! There are many family owned cottages and

Christmas Around The World

When Christmas time comes I work hard to teach my kids the REAL meaning behind the season. I also try to teach my children about how other countries celebrate Christmas differently then we do. A perfect way to do that is to visit the Christmas Around The World exhibit at Meijer Garden’s. We visit Fredrick Meijer Gardens frequently during the spring and summer. I have always had great intentions of going to their wonderful Christmas exhibit, but things always get busy during the holidays, surgeries come up, or little ones are to colicky to bring out in public 🙁 .

Birthday Party at The Outdoor Discovery Center

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, please read my full disclosure policy for more information. One of our all time favorite places to visit is the Outdoor Discovery Center in Holland, MI. We have been there many times, it is completely free to visit, and it is just an all around clean and fun place to visit with the kids. For birthdays we only host a birthday party and invite people over for the kids 16th birthday party and their 8th birthday. We do this because with 6 children we would be hosting birthday parties pretty frequently, we would rather

Amsoil Arenacross 2015

We recently we blessed with tickets for our family to attend the Arenacross race that was at the VanAndel arena in Grand Rapids, MI as well as tickets to giveaway to one of our lucky viewers. This years Amsoil Arenacross was such an amazing show, it was a few hours of action packed racing around sharp corners, big jumps, and lots of air! We made sure to bring noise canceling headphones for the little boys and earplugs for any of the older kids who thought it was to loud. It worked great and Ethan was actually able to sit through

AMSOIL Arenacross Giveaway~Family 4 Pack

AMSOIL Motocross Coming to Grand Rapids this Weekend For all of my local viewers, I have a family 4 pack of tickets to giveaway and information about a family fun event coming to Grand Rapids this weekend you won’t want to miss.  We have never been to an Arenacross show, but let me tell you my boys are looking forward to going to this show!! I will be making sure to bring the noise canceling headphones for the little ones, these type of shows can get very loud for our sensory kids and make it so they can still enjoy

Eat Dirt Mud Run 2014

We had such a wonderful time attending the Eat Dirt Mud Run 2014 this year! They had options for our older kids to run a 5K race as well as a shorter version for the littler kids. If you follow us on Instagram, you will have seen pictures shared through out the event. Eat Dirt Mud Run 2014 The Eat Dirt Mud Run 2014 isn’t you’r typical 5k race, oh no, it’s much more fun (and dirty!) The Eat Dirt Mud run offers a course that is challenging enough for the most avid runner, and fun enough for someone just

Day Out With Thomas 2014

We were so excited to attend the Day Out with Thomas 2014 event again this year in Flint, MI. This event is so much more then just a 40 minute ride on Thomas the Train. We learned that last year we needed to allow most of the day to be able to enjoy all of the activities that are available. Upon arriving we boarded the train, being pulled by none other the Thomas. At the event you get a 40 minute ride on Thomas, which is a very relaxing ride that many fall asleep on. The further back you sit

Family Friendly Mud Run For Charity

Eat Dirt Mud Run On August 23rd most of my kids will be participating in a one of a kind event that involves running a very unique race. What is so one of a kind about a race you ask? Well this is a mud run through a mud lovers dream. The course is 3 miles long and has mud pits, tunnel crawls, walls, slippery hill climbs, and much more. The course is easy enough for the whole family to enjoy and challenging enough for the most seasoned runner. Most importantly, proceeds received from the mud run will be given non-profit charity

Largest Volunteer Art Festival ~ Festival Of The Arts

The Festival Of The Arts is a community celebration in downtown Grand Rapids the first full weekend in June each year, this year was their 45th year. It is the longest running festival in Michigan, and is the largest volunteer art festivals in the county. There are free art activities for the kids to enjoy and great food to choose from from many different countries that are operated by local nonprofit organizations. They also have dance performances, music of all types, theatre, poetry, storytelling, and other great activities. It is a tradition for us to attend the Festival Of The Arts