Helping Your Child With Language Based Learning Disabilities

If you have ever tried to teach a child with a learning disability then you know what a challenge it can be. It can be hard not only for the person trying to teach the child but even more of a struggle for the child. If they are not given enough compassion and encouragement learning can continue to be something that they continuously struggle with even into their adult years. Forming a good relationship with these children is critical to their sucess. As a homeschool parent who has multiple children with learning disabilities, I have seen the difference it can

100 Amazing SPD Resources Helpful For Families

Having multiple children who have sensory processing disorder can be a challenge. They each have their own issues both completely opposite of each other. It has taken many years to figure out how to deal with their issues in an appropriate way. Even after many years of practice some days we are left wondering what in the world we should do to deal with a particular situation. Making sure they both are as regulated as possible is extremely important to have the best outcome in any situation. V certain things we know will just always be an issue. We know

60+ Practical Heavy Work Activities Proven To Calm

We have a couple kids who have SPD and experience a TON of access energy. They are the crashers, jumpers, movers, shakers, and overall they never seem to run out of energy. I have heard them described as a “bull in a china shop.” If not given things for them to get their energy out they will often make poor choices, bang into objects and people, break things and have little self-control. As time has gone on I have found that when we give them a sensory diet or heavy work activities before seat work/periods of having to sit things

Powerful and Practical Reading Intervention for Special Needs

We have now put multiple special needs kiddos through reading with great success. We only had success after failure though. Luckily we have now found a method that is amazing to teach our struggling readers and poor spellers. I received this product for free and was compensated for this review. All opinions are my honest opinions, I was not obligated to write a positive review. Struggling Reader with Dyslexia We had some pretty big struggles with our first kiddo. We really didn’t know how to teach him how to read or spell because he was very dyslexic. All the regular

The Ultimate Guide To A Sensory Diet

Did you know that the #1 biggest help for kids with sensory processing disorder is adding in a sensory diet for them? As that matter of fact a sensory diet is so important it is something that an occupational therapist will just about always suggest it for SPD kiddo. If you don’t have an OT for your SPD kiddos, they are highly recommended. OT’s are specialized in treating and helping parents deal with the behaviors that come along with SPD. What calmed my kiddo won’t necessarily calm your kiddo, it could do the direct opposite. I have 3 kiddos that

Ultimate Guide To Sensory Processing Disorder Resources

As a parent of multiple children with sensory processing disorder I know some of the most innocent and simple things can turn your day into a nightmare for your child. There are so many different sensory processing disorder resources to help parents available on the internet today. It can be difficult and really overwhelming as a parent trying to decide where to turn for help and guidance. Did you know in studies around 1 in 6 children struggle with sensory symptoms significant enough that they affect their daily life. SPD is like a neurological “traffic jam” in which normal stimuli

How To Make A Remarkable Visual Schedule For Better Behavior

Many parents think setting up a visual schedule for their children with ASD or SPD will be a daunting task or to time consuming, so they choose not to make one. In actuality it saves parents/caregivers time in having to deal with behavioral issues. Often parents of children with ASD or SPD who have used visual schedules will say that it has been their most useful resource. Anyone who has an autistic child knows that these kiddos need very structured schedules in their life and they are very visual. These visual schedules were such a blessing to us, I’m not

Sensory Resources Gift Basket Giveaway

If you have been a follower of the blog for a while you might remember our great giveaway 2 years ago of a basket full of sensory resources. It was part of the back to school gift basket giveaway along with 27 other bloggers from iHomeschool network. Well this year we are back with another gift basket giveaway full of great sensory resources again. The resources are different from last years so you will want to make sure to get entered for your chance to win!! There are 51 other bloggers participating in the back to school prize basket giveaway, each

Benefits of Listening Therapy for Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism

Over the many years of dealing with sensory processing disorder and autism with a couple of our kids, I have learned so much. One thing we try very hard not to do is medicate our children, even if it might just be easier to give them a pill to calm them down. We will try every other possible thing to help them before even beginning thinking about that. We have in the past given our son with ADHD medicine many years ago for a short time, but after finding out that the medicine changed him into a completely different child, we all decided

8th Grade Curriculum Choices for 2015-2016

I have already shared about our group classes for the year, so now I am getting into each of the kids individual classes. Each year we tailor each of the kids curriculum to what is best for them, since we have special needs kids that struggle in some areas and are highly gifted in other areas this is such a blessing for them. Today we are going to take a look at the different classes that Cody is doing this year. We always add in different lap books, unit studies, and hands on learning through out the year depending on each of

2nd Grade Curriculum Choices 2015-2016

I have already shared our group classes for the year, so now I am getting into each of the kids individual classes. Each year we tailor each of the kids curriculum to what is best for them, since we have special needs kids that struggle in some areas and are highly gifted in other areas this is such a blessing for them. Today I am giving you a look into Ethan’s 2nd grade curriculum. On top of what he is doing listed here, he also still participates in our Mother Goose Time curriculum, because he chooses to. Ethan is our

Lessons In Friendship

This months Mother Goose Time topic is Friends and feelings. We have had a great time doing this unit, understanding feelings is something that Ethan struggles with daily so the more we work on it the better he will get. We use the Zones of Regulation to help keep his feelings at a manageable levels to get him through out the day. If you are interested in seeing what is included with the monthly shipments from Mother Goose Time stop over and see our first introductory post. We have done many great things this month while learning about friends and