Helping Your Child With Language Based Learning Disabilities

If you have ever tried to teach a child with a learning disability then you know what a challenge it can be. It can be hard not only for the person trying to teach the child but even more of a struggle for the child. If they are not given enough compassion and encouragement learning can continue to be something that they continuously struggle with even into their adult years. Forming a good relationship with these children is critical to their sucess. As a homeschool parent who has multiple children with learning disabilities, I have seen the difference it can

Powerful and Practical Reading Intervention for Special Needs

We have now put multiple special needs kiddos through reading with great success. We only had success after failure though. Luckily we have now found a method that is amazing to teach our struggling readers and poor spellers. I received this product for free and was compensated for this review. All opinions are my honest opinions, I was not obligated to write a positive review. Struggling Reader with Dyslexia We had some pretty big struggles with our first kiddo. We really didn’t know how to teach him how to read or spell because he was very dyslexic. All the regular

Cleft Palate Repair Surgery ~ Ethan’s Cleft Lip/Palate Journey

I posted about Ethan’s Cleft Lip surgery when he was 3 months old and that explains the starting of his cleft lip and cleft palate repair journey. I also shared how we found out that our baby was going to be born with a cleft palate and lip and my struggles that come along with raising a child with a cleft lip and palate. Normally a child with a cleft palate would have cleft palate repair surgery before their 1st birthday to prevent any speech impairments. Because Ethan only had a partial cleft palate he only had a 50% chance of needing

Nighttime Bedwetting Twitter Party #TRUEFITWALMART

Each child potty trains differently some are quick and others are just not ready. With Ethan, he was a very late potty trainer he just didn’t have the ability to use the bathroom till a much later age then his siblings. To this day he still has problems with nighttime bedwetting. Because we have never experienced this with any of our other kids, I wasn’t aware of the fact that many of the products that are out there are ok for younger kids but not so much the older ones. It’s because older kids wet more then younger ones most

Childhood Illness, RA, 12 Appointments in 1 Week, and More…

Life had got the best of me since we went on vacation back at the end of August, and because of it my blog has really suffered. I figured it was about time for an update as to what is going on around here. There is a LOT which is why I haven’t posted in quite a while. We are in the process of figuring out a HUGE health scare for Ethan,  just last week we had 12 appointments to go to in only 5 days!! Anthony has a cast and he also has had surgery. I have a bunch

Early Intervention and Sensory Processing Disorder

Welcome to day 4 of our series 5 Days Of Sensory Processing Disorder!  On Monday I explained What Sensory Processing Disorder is, Tuesday I shared How Sensory Processing Disorder Effects your kids, and yesterday I shared the many sensory ideas we use in our house regularly to implement a sensory diet each day. Today I am going to talk about the importance Early Intervention, this is something I feel VERY strong. This is due to the fact that because of early intervention my 5 year old has been able to overcome SOOO many of his issues, not saying it cured

Dustin’s Sensory Processing Disorder Journey

Next week I am taking part in the Schoolhouse Review Crew Blog Hop. There will be 90 bloggers that are participating in the blog hop, are each choosing a topic to write about for the 5 days of the blog hop. I have chosen the topic Sensory Processing Disorder because it is a topic that I have learned so much about over the last 5 years, something we have come so far on, and something I have not shared much about on the blog. I am hoping that this series will bless anyone who is embarking on a scary path

My Journey With Rheumatoid Arthritis ~ #Lifescript #ad

This is a sponsored post by me on behalf of I have been selected to share my arthritis story on behalf of with my viewers, provides medical information, tips and advice that is all written by professional health writers, experts and physicians.Websites life Lifecript which has a Rheumatoid Center has useful information on Rheumatoid Arthritis that has helped me figure out the answers to many questions I have had along the way! I have been on a very long, journey with my Rheumatoid Arthritis it has been 3 long years of pain, medicine trials, and figuring out

Children Claritin Mom Crew ~ Spring In Your Step

I have been accepted as a member of the Children Claritin Mom Crew for 2013, with the fact that there are 4 of us who have pretty bad allergies and Children’s Claritin is something that we use regularly and were very excited about participating in this wonderful opportunity. This spring has been especially horrible with allergies in our house and Claritin is the only thing that helps most of the horrible allergy symptoms for our allergy sufferers! I have found from years of experience that if we pretreat the kids with bad allergies during their peak seasons (which means 3/4

Our Playroom/ Sensory Motor Room

I have had an interesting time working on getting our school area a way that will work for us since moving our school from the entire main floor to the lower level. We first set the room up so that all the toys were upstairs and the whole area was the school room. That didn’t work well, since the little boys would sneak down and make a huge mess of the room. We later decided to change the room around again and make half of the room a school room and the other half a sensory motor room. We decided

Feeling The Bumps In The Road with my Health…

The last couple weeks have not been so good around here, my health once again took a turn for the worse and it has been impossible to keep up with everything. When I can’t get everything done, my blog and email are the things that tend to suffer of course, so it has left everything quiet for a little bit. I am slowly getting back to people on email and now am working on finalizing all the blog posts that I have started and just need to finish up. I am so grateful for all the help my wonderful husband

Life With Sensory Processing Disorder

Because we have come so far, and Ethan has overcome so many of his sensory processing disorder behaviors I often think of him as a normal child, one without a disability. This last week was a bitter reminder to me that we are far from a child without disabilities, and something as simple as our daily routine being different in preparation for a garage sale can make me remember how far we still have yet to go. The last couple weeks we have been very busy with getting things ready for a garage sale, one entailing  lots of my time