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Reading is something that is very important in this house and it is also something that is done daily. We have a huge assortment of books we have collected over the years, some of them have been much loved and read over and over time after time, but the vocabulary and lessons learned from the books we read is a priceless gift.

Four of my boys each made their own Personalized Children’s Books from Champion Me Books a few week ago and since that time each of their stories have been one of the stories we/they have read over and over time and time again. They think it is great to see their names on the title of the story and then through out almost every page in the book, the personalized characters they made are such a fun personalization to each story, and the stories are amazing adventures that have drawn my kids in and made these one of our all time favorite books!

Kids start by choosing what story the want to star in, the choices they have are

  • Gadget Land
  • The Stonkeropolous
  • Vs the Scribble Monster
  • The Great Escape of Mighty Star

once your child chooses the story they choose their gender and type in their name, and then move onto customizing their character. You child can customize the characters eyes, mouth, eyebrows, nose, skin color, hair color and style, costume color, glasses on or off, and costume accent color. After you have customized your character you get to preview your story to make sure it is just the way you want it. After your customizations are just the way you want them you order your book, you have a few different options for how you want to order your book.

$6.99 ~ E-Books (.pdf or .epub for IPad and E-readers)
$21.99 ~ Soft Cover Books
$29.99 ~ Hard Cover Books
If you order the e-book your story will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

Next comes the really fun part, reading their own stories with their unique characters as the main character in the book who of course has their name 🙂 These are books that you will not be dissapointed with, all their stories contain very vibrant colors with adorable illistrations. The stories are wonderful stories that all my children loved and have read again and again.

Ethan will ask “mommy can we read the story about me, the one that I made?” Even Anthony has been working to perfect reading all the words in his book! With all the books we have available to our children these would have to be a favorite for all the boys.

My kids loved making their own book and then watching their character come to life, it made it almost impossible to wait to get sent the book after making it (Good thing they sent the books pretty quick 😉 they were so excited to get their books. Since getting their books they have printed them off and made them into their own books, and read them often.

Here is a look at our Champion Me Books that were completely made by each of the kids themselves.

Dustin’s customized book was, Dustin vs The Scribble Monster
Ethan’s Customized book was Ethan vs The Scribble Monster, you can see that both Dustin and Ethan made very similar choices in both their stories and characters, but they are still unique because of the complete customization of the stories and characters!
Here is a look inside Ethan vs The Scribble Monster, as you can see his name is added right into the story as well as uses their character, the pictures are very vibrant, and the story lines are engaging!

Anthony’s customized story was Anthony and The Stonkeropolous

And Cody’s customized children’s story was Cody in Gadgetland.

With Christmas right around the corner, what better gift to give your child on Christmas then their own Personalized Children’s Book? Stop over and let your child customize their own adventure today

Champion Me Books is offering one of my lucky viewers their own softcover Personalized Children’s Book, from Champion Me Books! To enter use the rafflecopter liny below! This giveaway will be open through 11/26/2012, Good Luck!!

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Disclaimer: I was provided with our own personalized Champion Me Books to review and was compensated in no other way. All opinions are the honest opinions of myself or my children.

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