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Children Claritin Mom Crew ~ Spring In Your Step

Thank you for sharing!!


I have been accepted as a member of the Children Claritin Mom Crew for 2013, with the fact that there are 4 of us who have pretty bad allergies and Children’s Claritin is something that we use regularly and were very excited about participating in this wonderful opportunity.

This spring has been especially horrible with allergies in our house and Claritin is the only thing that helps most of the horrible allergy symptoms for our allergy sufferers! I have found from years of experience that if we pretreat the kids with bad allergies during their peak seasons (which means 3/4 seasons for some) the kids suffer from less symptoms.

We were able to share the “Spring In Your Step” with some of our friends, in preparation for sharing we received a wonderful kit in the mail. In the kit we received contained hot/cold packs, a 2013 Preparedness checklist & tips, some great recipe ideas for the meet up, a bottle of liquid Claritin, and a package of chewable Claritin pills.



Here is a close up of 1 of the hot/cold packs that came with the kit, these have come in handy for spring allergies, headaches, and so many other injuries! Very nice to have and share!!


Our TOP Ways to Combat Seasonal Allergies:

-We have kids allergic to grass and leaves, both of which are pleantiful in our yard. At first we thought it would be best for him to just not be around them at all until it started really upsetting him that he couldn’t go out with everyone else. So we purchased a washable face mask for those kids to wear whenever someone was mowing the grass, or if the leaves were falling or being raked up. We made sure to wash it every time they use it and it has made for some happy kids.

-Complete matress, boxspring, and pillow case encasings. The ones I purchased are so much of a great barrier they say that you can enurse the mattress or pillow in water and they will not get wet, so that should keep the dust mites and bed bugs out!!

-Special HEPA filtration system for his bedroom, so that the bedroom had hospital grade air!

-Electrostatic Furnace Filter to filter out all the air in the house, we also use a special spray to clean the filter out monthly in the shower!!

-Furnace vents cleaned out yearly, which helps elliminate the dust found in the air!

-Hardwood floor helps keep the dust that collects in carpets at a minimum,

-We do not have ALL hardwood floors and probably will always have carpet on the stairs, we have a special Dyson Vaccuum that has a very good HEPA filter attached to collect much of the allergens in the air.

-Dusting regularly~ Because dust is something most kids with allergies suffer from keeping the dust around the house to a minimum is a huge help. This does mean making sure we are dusting regularly even on the weeks I may not feel like it! I use HOT water and vinegar and a rag and wipe everything down that way.

-Figure out what your child’s triggers are and pretreat, it is so much easier and quicker recovery to pretreat then it is to have to treat them after the fact of them not feeling good.

The 2013 preparedness checklist & tips had some great ideas to help keep you prepared for the 2013 allergy season. They have shared with us the check list to share with our readers feel free to download your own copy to help you prepare for the 2013 allergy season!



What are things you do in the spring to help minimize allergies in your home leave a comment below letting me know?

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Thank you for sharing!!



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