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Managing Chores For Kids

I have had so many people ask how do I manage chores for kids in our house so I figured that would be my next post.  First off I believe all children can help clean up after them selves and really enjoy it if you give them the chance and teach them correctly, sometimes you just have to think outside the box!
Gabriel (20 months) even helps around the house, when I get him dressed he puts his dirty clothes into the clothes basket and puts his dirty diaper in the trash can, he takes the sponge and wipes up his spills and spot (with moms help of course) he also was laying on his belly the other day scrubbing the kitchen floor with me. Just slow down allow the little ones to be involved to (even if it means more messes for you) things will be less messy the more they help, and they feel such a sense of accomplishment!
I have made sooo many different chore charts in my days, my biggest problem is disciplining myself to add everything up on a regular basis, and give the kids credit for their chores.  I found this wonderful blog HERE that I thought was just wonderful….  I put my own twist on it of course!
I printed off the cards and tickets, and used a different version pocket chart, which didn’t quite work at first because the pockets were not separated, so my wonderful husband came up with the idea to put brads in place to hold the plastic back, haha it worked great.  Thanks honey for the great idea! We needed a bigger chart, since I need 4 kids on now and 2 more added eventually, so it will work great for future use to!  Here is the picture with a few explanations of how I use it.
I have added a few things to my chart, first off I added some extra chores that I wanted to use (I just made them a new color so that I didn’t need to make a set for every day of the week I don’t have a picture of them yet, but here is the file if anyone would want it (HERE), for Saturday and a few Sunday chores we just use another day of the week cards.
With the tickets the kids can turn in for money, we pay $.10 a ticket or there are other things like, candy from the candy jar (up to 4 a day) they are just mini candy 1 ticket per candy, 2 tickets for a blow/tootsie pop, special trip to the library with just dad or mom, stay up and extra 1/2 hour, all kinds of fun stuff.
When the kids are done with breakfast, lunch, dinner, or any messy snacks they are responsible for taking care of their spots and all their dishes, I put a small bucket on the table I fill before each meal and put 2 sponges in it, 1 whole sponge and 1 half (easier for littlier hands) the kids take the sponges and wipe down their spots at the table and chairs.
Here is a picture of the bucket set out after every meal so the kids can wipe their spots down.
Here is the chart posted up for when the kids are done eating, if they forget to do something I will say, it looks like someone didn’t follow the chart to get their stuff cleaned up, we better check the chart and see what we forgot…  This helps them to self correct their own mistakes!! Click HERE to download.
This is the last chart we use for lunch and dinner chores, this is one I made you can click HERE for the chart file,HERE is the blank chart for the picture name cards, just crop a picture of your kiddo down to size copy and paste it down their row, add their name in and there you have it.. I laminated the picture card and chart, and put a very small piece of velcro on both and change them out every week!!


Thank you for sharing!!



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