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Christmas Collage

So here is the last of my Christmas posts. This is of Christmas eve and Christmas day, we had an amazing and wonderful time together as a family and were so blessed! Wondering why I am posting my Christmas posts a month after Christmas? Read my previous post about all the craziness going on around here.

All the kids in front of the Christmas tree. Every year we wait to put up our tree until a day or 2 before Christmas it used to be because we always had little ones to explore the ornaments and nicely rearrange all Christmas decorations however they seen fit, but now it has just kind of turned into a routine. I can’t believe how much Dustin has grown in the last year, he is not much shorter then the tree…


Cody got a 3DS that he REALLY wanted. It is not very often you see a look of joy on his face that big!P1110382

Jake might have had a little extra fun wrapping some of Dustin’s presents, which lead to some fun for him trying to get them open  😉 !


Anthony got his I-Pod that he really wanted, he doesn’t look happy or anything now does he??

Dustin and Jake working together to get the foosball table put together.



As you can imagine there have been MANY games played on the foosball table since it was put together.




P1110477 P1110479 P1110481 P1110482 P1110483

Serena’s big and fluffy bathrobe, which is one of her favorite gifts that she got for Christmas!P1110523

We had such an amazing Christmas and were able to see family that we rarely get to see, we couldn’t have asked for anything more!

Thank you for sharing!!


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