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We found this cute and super easy idea we found in The Artful Winter, there are tons of amazing resources in this book for kids, if you don’t already have a copy of this you will want to get a copy!The boys helped dip the pretzels in chocolate.

Since things never got finished being posted for Christmas last year because I got pretty sick, I ended up getting Part 1 of our Christmas Cookie Bonanza posted but never got Part 2 posted. So I finally have part 2 of our Christmas cookie Bonanza for you, a year later…

Before the chocolate cooled the kids put Christmas themed sprinkles on the top. This was a great job for Gabe to help out with!!


What better thing to do when your done then eat some chocolate covered pretzels!!

And the chocolate to!

They turned out so festive looking! This was a fun and super easy Christmas goodie to add to our yearly recipes!

Serena and Jenna did a lot of the cooking in the kitchen with some of the recipes that the younger kids were not going to help with, here they are making chocolate chip cookie balls.

Next they made Magic Cookie Bars, one of my all time favorites!!

Every year we decorate cutout cookies, most years we make our own dough, and cookie cutters and make our own cookies. Last year for our cookies we just bought pre made cookies at our Christmas Party, and it was still fun.
This year we made our own dough, I didn’t manage to get any pictures of the kids cutting out the cookies because I was in the kitchen mixing up the frosting for when the cookies were done. From what Ethan looked like after he was done though (completely covered in flour) I guess I should have been watching instead of making the frosting, but oh well.

Like I said BIG flour mess, so the shirt came off…
Some of the finished cookies. As you can see some of them the kids did very intricate designs and others were just frosted and sprinkled.
Here is one of Gabe’s cookies, he not only decorated it but also took a bite out of it. So it ended up being his cookie 😉
To see the other Christmas cookies we made check out Part 1 of our Christmas Cookie Bonanza!
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