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So I know it’s a little late… Or really very late. With all of the things going on around our house lately getting blogging done has been at the bottom of my priority list lately. I use our blog as a journal for our family and our kids someday so I am going to share them late  😉

We have a tradition every year of making cut out Christmas cookies as a family this year despite the craziness we once again followed the tradition of making and frosting Christmas cookies.

We ended up making the cookies on one day and the second day we frosted them. Frosting day was a day our power was out due to a big ice storm so it ended up being a life saver for keeping the kids busy, it was a great way to keep their minds off of the fact that there was no lights on in the house even in the dark bathroom. Let me tell you trying to get 5 boys to go to the bathroom in the toilet under normal circumstances can be fun let a lone in a dark bathroom lol…

Making Cookies


This picture was to cute not to share, Anthony was singing along with the Christmas carols playing while we were making cookies.

P1110073 P1110079 P1110087 P1110095 P1110098 P1110100 P1110108 P1110115 P1110117 P1110124 P1110126 P1110133 P1110137 P1110139

Frosting Cookies

We made our own frosting with what colors of food coloring I had available, offer decorations and let the kids decorate the cookies however they choose.

P1110168 P1110174 P1110177 P1110179 P1110184 P1110185 P1110187 P1110189

The kids took out a decorating kit to help them put more intricate designs on some of the cookies.

P1110191 P1110192 P1110199 P1110202 P1110207 P1110211 P1110212 P1110215 P1110217

All of our beautifully decorated cookies, ready to pass out!P1110224 P1110226 P1110227

I have shared the recipes we use for our cookies in our past Christmas Cookies posts. Last year we made many different Christmas goodies, the year before we had a big Christmas party with our good homeschool friends and decorated cookies. Click below to be taken to any of those posts.

Christmas Cookies 2012 Part 1 

Christmas Cookies 2012 Part 2

Christmas Cookies 2011

Thank you for sharing!!


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