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Christmas Cutting

Christmas Cutting Activities

Since cutting is one of Ethan’s favorite things to do right now and Gabe is just starting to show interest in scissors, I decided to have a few different christmas cutting activities for them, in hopes to have one extra activity to keep their interest  through Christmas Break.
I added ribbon, straws in a Christmas container (I’m sure it would have looked more festive if I used just the red and green straws but oh well.) I also put a couple different pairs of scissors into the bin so I wouldn’t be searching for scissors when they wanted to use it.
Ethan has asked use this daily.
I love how Ethan’s tongue is sticking out, he’s concentrating so hard!  Yes, that is Gabe in the background coloring on a book. Despite me constantly redirecting the coloring to paper, last week he continued to try to color in his books. I did however, find the perfect solution (at least so far) while at the dollar store I found a small kids notebooks he now carries that around all the time, and when he tries to color in the books, he has been happily redirected to the notebook.
I was amazed at how small some of the pieces were Ethan was able to cut up. It has been amazing to watch how far his fine motor skills have come in the last 6 months, when he had his last set of testing through Early On at the end of last year he tested in the 12-18month age (at 3 years old) for most of his fine motor skills, now he is able to do things I couldn’t have imagined his able to do already!
I have learning scissors I debated giving to Gabe, but he actually does well with just regular scissors.
When he would actually cut a piece off of the straw, he would say “Yea, I did it” way to cute!
I ended up adding some snowflake garland I picked up at the thrift store to the bin. I will be using the snowflakes for our snow activities next month and they needed to all be cut off the string. Ethan has been more than glad to help 😉

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