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Christmas Montessori Activities ~ Music Box

Thank you for sharing!!

Christmas Montessori Activities

I decided to add a couple new Christmas Montessori Activities to our Montessori shelves. This time I added a couple new “Christmas Music” items to the shelves for the boys, they have been a big hit.
This music box I purchased HERE from Montessori Services, the kids have really been interested in watching how it works, Cody even came up to me and said “mom, I know how a music box makes music now,” and then went onto explain how it worked. Even the older kids couldn’t resist trying it out!
Christmas Montessori Activities
Here is a close up of what it looks like. I  purchased a “Happy Birthday” music box as well, for our Birthday Basket to pull out for the special Birthday kid on their Birthday.
A cute little Christmas bell, Ethan skips around singing “Jingle Bells” with it, way to cute!
Here are both of the baskets set out on the shelf.

Thank you for sharing!!



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