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Christmas Sensory Bin

We have had quite a few different Christmas sensory bin ideas out during Christmas break. Here is a look at one of the new Christmas sensory bins we have out for now.
Having these different sensory bins out was a lifesaver this week when I didn’t feel good, I set it out and the boys had so much fun playing with it. It kept them busy for hours!
Most of the items I pick up at the Dollar store or find at the thrift store so I get them for pretty inexpensive. We reuse the different items in our bins each year to make new holiday sensory bins.
So here’s a look at whats Inside of our Christmas Sensory Bin:
  • Plastic Candy Cane Ornaments
  • Mini felt Stockings
  • Gift Bows
  • Mini present ornaments
  • Colored Garland
  • Jingle Bells
  • Jingle Bell Garland
  • Scoops, measuring cups, and spoons for exploring
Gabe enjoys hiding as much as he can fit into the felt stockings, or just scooping things into the containers.
Ethan has really emjoyed the garland.  He likes to decorate people with the it and then hangs ornaments on them lol..
Finding matches for different items in the bin.
We did counting and patterns with some of the items as well.
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